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Kerri Strug

Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast

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Kerri Strug’s Accomplishments Include . . .
Kerri Strug vaulted into Olympic history with her courageous performance during the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Kerri landed an unforgettable vault on an injured ankle to help the U.S. clinch its first Olympic gold medal in the team gymnastics competition.

Kerri Strug’s emotional performance has earned a variety of awards and accolades, from the Olympic Spirit Award to a spot on the Wheaties cereal box.

Kerri Strug’s rise in the gymnastics world began long before her 1996 heroics. She began competitive gymnastics at age 8, where she followed in the footsteps of her older sister and brother. Kerri Strug became the youngest American on the Olympic squad in 1992, where she earned a bronze medal in the Barcelona Olympics. She was a three-time World Championship medalist and member of five World Championship teams since 1991. Kerri Strug also won the 1996 McDonald’s American Cup and 1995 U.S. Olympic Sports Festival.

Kerri Strug’s gut-wrenching performance in Atlanta earned her fame well beyond the gymnastics world. She was featured on the cover of both Time and People magazines. She appeared on television shows including Beverly Hills 90210Saturday Night Live and Touched by an Angel, as well as interviews on The Today Show, Dateline, and The Tonight Show.

An author of two books, Kerri Strug reaches out to others who can be inspired by her determination both inside and outside the gym. Heart of Gold targets younger readers who can learn of Kerri’s ups and downs as a young gymnast. Her autobiography, Landing on my Feet: A Diary of Dreams, focuses on the hard work and commitment that led to her heroic Olympic performance.
Three months after the 1996 Olympics, Kerri Strug started college. She earned her BA in Communications and an MA in Sociology from Stanford University. Following graduation, Kerri Strug worked as a second grade teacher in California.

Despite her busy schedule, Kerri Strug volunteers her time and energy to a variety of charitable causes. Kerri has served as a spokesperson for the Special Olympics and the Children’s Miracle Network. She has also participated in projects with DARE, Pediatric AIDS, Make-a-Wish Foundation, and Childhelp. The Women’s Sports Foundation presented Kerri Strug with the Reebok/Lady FootLocker “Giving Back Award” in recognition of her community efforts. Although no longer in competitive gymnastics, Kerri Strug maintains involvement in the gymnastic community through work with parents, kids, and coaches throughout the country at various gymnastic camps and clubs.

More on Kerri Strug. . .
Kerri Strug now resides in Washington D.C. where her patriotic spirit has led her to work for the U.S. government. She has held several federal positions, including the Office of Presidential Student Correspondence at the White House, the Treasury Department in the Office of General Counsel and is currently a political appointee at the United States Department of Justice in the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention where she hopes to help and inspire the nation’s youth.

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  • “Simply put, Kerri ‘gets it’. She is well-spoken and passionate about her work and her beliefs, which makes her a convincing ambassador and a great role model for young people. We’d welcome the chance to partner again with Kerri in the future.”

    Joe Loparco

    Director, External Communications, ING

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