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Nikki Stone

Olympic Gold Medalist

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Nikki Stone’s Key Accomplishments Include . . . 
At the 1998 Olympic Winter Games in Nagano, Japan, Nikki Stone became America’s first-ever Olympic champion in the sport of inverted aerial skiing. What made Nikki Stone’s performance so unbelievable was the fact that less than two years earlier, a chronic injury prevented her from standing, much less walking or skiing down a slope at almost 40 miles per hour off a 12-foot wall of snow that launches aerialists 5 stories into the air.

Nikki Stone’s empowering book, When Turtles Fly: Secrets of Successful People Who Know How to Stick Their Necks Out, was an Amazon bestseller. When Turtles Fly includes inspirational stories from successful individuals from all different arenas (politicians, actors/actresses, Fortune 500 business executives, musicians, bestselling authors, athletes, Nobel Prize winners, etc).  In addition, Nikki Stone is a contributing author to the inspirational book Awaken the Olympian Within: Stories from America’s Greatest Olympic Motivators, and writes articles and columns for a number of magazines, newspapers and websites.

Why Nikki Stone

  • Nikki has learned the tools for success and will share this in-depth knowledge, taking you on an emotional journey with exclusive, hand-on and relatable activities and tools that will teach you to be like an Olympic champion in an office setting. Nikki will teach you new and unique strategies to cultivate your professional and personal growth through a highly interactive, dynamic, and passionate presentation.
  • Learn inventive and inspired ways to find your drive, overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, develop laser focus, utilize teamwork, sustain your perseverance, build your confidence, and take risks you once thought impossible from an American hero who has studied and experienced all the unique ways of becoming a champion.
  • Be motivated and inspired like you’ve never been before with an Olympian story that will take you from tears to laughter to all-out cheers.




Ten different doctors told Nikki Stone that, due to the unrecoverable spinal disc damage, she would have to face the likelihood that she might never strap on a pair of skis again. Nikki Stone fought back against insurmountable odds to reach the sport’s highest acclaim atop the Olympic podium. Nikki’s tenacity and refusal to step down from a challenge also helped her earn 35 World Cup podiums, eleven World Cup titles, four national titles and two Overall World Grand Prix titles.

Recognized as the 2008 International Professional Speaker of the Year by the American Speakers Bureau Corporation, today Nikki Stone travels around the world working as a sought-after inspirational speaker, ski host, and sports psychology consultant sharing her secrets to success by encouraging and motivating her clients to “Spread their wings.”

More About Nikki Stone . . . 
Nikki Stone’s remarkable athletic achievements include: the 1998 Olympic gold medalist in aerial skiing, 35 World Cup medals, 11 World Cup titles, four national titles, two yearlong Aerial World Cup titles, a World Championship title and the first pure aerialist ever (male or female) to become the yearlong Overall Freestyle World Cup Champion. Nikki Stone also sits on five different Olympic and sports committees.

Nikki Stone’s contributions span far beyond her professional endeavors. She devotes time to charities such as Right To Play, the “Make-A-Wish” Foundation & the American Cancer Society. She also hosts group skiing adventures and participates in numerous sponsor promotions for major national and international companies.

In addition to her athletic accomplishments, Nikki Stone is also a Magna Cum Laude undergraduate of Union College in New York and a Summa Cum Laude Master’s graduate of the University of Utah in the field of Sports Psychology. With her incredible academic record and her remarkable presentation skills, Nikki Stone was asked to work as a Visiting Professor at the University of Utah.

Testimonials 3

  • “Every time someone asks about the PRSA Counselors Academy Conference and it’s ‘defining moments’, your name and speech are the first things out of my mouth!  Your presentation made a great impact on me.  Inspiring? Totally!  Motivating? The best of the conference!  Above all, however, was your ability to connect with us and remind us that we’re all humans, gold medalists or not, and that we all can meet and beat the most difficult of challenges.  Thanks not only for the incredible message you spoke, but for the incredible message you delivered with your presence, style and attitude. Your words were great, but your actions even greater. They no doubt set you apart from other Olympians and presenters, in general, on the speaking circuit. The audience loved your speech.  You know you’ve moved people when you have both women AND men in tears!”  

    “As March comes to a close, I think of spring and our great [conference] last May.  And the first thing I recall is always you and your incredible presentation. WOW! I still can feel the aura of that room while you mesmerized us with your story.”

    “You motivate me still, today.  In this past month I’ve brought on two new clients, and have several more that I’m in discussions with. I took your advice and surmounted the obstacles by focusing on my strengths–even when I wasn’t sure if my strengths were still there.”

    “And now, I’m celebrating my victories as I move forward. And each victory reminds me that even in the face of adversity, my strengths were always present. This allows me to put risk–and fear–in perspective. Then, I recall your declaration:  ‘The brave do not live forever, but the cautious don’t live at all.’…and I know that I’m living again!” 

    Margie Simon

    Principal, Simon & Associates Public Relations

  • “You truly were the highlight of our sales recognition trip… You captured the hearts of every single person in that room and I’m confident that you made each a stronger person… The feedback from my team was all ‘top box’. You’re dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm is unparalleled and you can definitely count on us calling on your services again in the future. Thanks for enriching our lives.” 

    Russ Garner

    Vice President, Fidelity Investments

  • “Thank you so much for speaking at the DoitBest National Sales Meeting today.  In my 30 plus years in sales, it was by far the most inspiring motivational talk I’ve ever witnessed. I’m anxious to read your book and apply your “Secrets of Successful People” principles not only in business, but also on the tennis courts.”

    Rob Dennis

    Store Owner , Do it Best Corp

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