Kymberlee Weil

International Speaker, Short-Form Communications Expert, Entrepreneur, Improv Performer and Martial Arts Master

  • Kymberlee Weil`s Keynote Speaker Fee This reflects Kymberlee Weil`s U.S. Speaking Fee

    $10,001 - $20,000

  • Languages Spoken


  • Travels From

    California, USA

  • Kymberlee Weil`s Keynote Speaker Fee This reflects Kymberlee Weil`s U.S. Speaking Fee

    $10,001 - $20,000

  • Languages Spoken


  • Travels From

    California, USA

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By the end of this experience your team will have: Clarity on how a Signature Story can build and create immediate connections ...

By the end of this experience your team will have:

  • Clarity on how a Signature Story can build and create immediate connections
  • Knowledge of story structure that can be used for future story development
  • Training on how to condense stories down to their most powerful elements
  • Repetition in delivering their stories multiple times with feedback
  • Development of their own Short-Form stories ready to go

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Improv at Work: The Power of Play

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By the end of this experience your team will have:

  • Improved eye contact and listening skills
  • Increased confidence in one-on-one and one-on-many interactions
  • Ability to implement tools and techniques for more effective communication
  • Training on working collaboratively
  • Tools for negotiating challenging situations
  • Practice in responding effectively in critical situations

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By the end of this experience your team will have: Learned how to use a valuable framework that can be replicated in all future Talks created ...

By the end of this experience your team will have:

  • Learned how to use a valuable framework that can be replicated in all future Talks created
  • Trained on how to present their Talk with seamless transitions and keep the audience engaged
  • Insight on how to use Story and blend it into Talks no matter the audience
  • Explored how to build lessons and training effectively into the narrative
  • Developed their own High-Stakes Short-Form Talk that can used immediately

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About Keynote Speaker Kymberlee Weil

Kymberlee Weil‘s Key Accomplishments Include . . .
Kymberlee Weil is a storyteller, speaking strategist, passionate entrepreneur, a lifelong athlete, an improv performer and an exceptional communicator who has spent over 28 years studying the mindset that creates peak performance in business, in sports and on the stage. No matter if she is working with people to help them tell stories that affect change or to help them craft talks that can change lives, her specialty is high-stakes short-form communication. 

Influenced by thirteen years attending the annual TED conference and producing seven TEDx events, she has helped hundreds of speakers discover their core idea and transform it into a message the world needs to hear through story, structure and staging.

Kymberlee works one-on-one with clients all over the globe. She gives workshops that take participants to new levels of awareness, confidence and focus in their public speaking, especially when everything is on the line. Her events include training on Signature Storytelling, High-Stakes Short-Form Talks, Improv for Executives, Breakthrough Thinking and more. 

In all of her entrepreneurial efforts, Kymberlee draws on her lifelong experience as an elite athlete. At the University of Hawaii, Kymberlee attended on a full scholarship for softball and was recognized as an NCAA Woman of the Year. She has been a Martial Artist for over twenty-nine years and is a Fourth Dan Black Belt, Master level, in the Korean Martial Art, Hapkido. 

Kymberlee has had a strong passion for business since she was very young. She earned her MBA at Pepperdine University and wrote two books on computer technology. Kymberlee co-founded introNetworks, an award winning software development and licensing company which debuted at TED in 2003. Her experience speaking at TED University inspired her to create Strategic Samurai LLC, a company that specializes in High-Stakes Short-Form Communications.

Kymberlee’s work both behind and in front of the curtain continues to be celebrated. In 2014, she won the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award for Professional Services. Last year she received the Association for Women in Communication’s 2019 Women of Achievement Award.

More About Speaker, Kymberlee Weil. . .
Kymberlee’s determination to defy her own barriers fused with her unique combination of Storytelling, Spontaneity and Strategy has resulted in a powerful approach to communications which she willingly shares with others. By revealing the essentials for High-Stakes Short-Form Talks, typical of TED-style of speaking, she achieves her mission of affecting change in our world, one story at a time.


“Kymberlee was fantastic to work with as a practice leader at our recent conference. She was diligent in her preparation and planning, insightful in her comments, and exceptional in her delivery. The Strategic Samurai concept is creative, engaging, and delivers a message with a punch. I would highly recommend it as an engaging opportunity to help your audiences think differently about roadblocks, looking beyond then, and breaking through toward greater execution, performance, and results.”

David Nour

Advisor, Speaker and Author, Atlanta, GA

“Kymberlee’s Strategic Samurai presentation was a valuable, inspiring experience. She has seamlessly integrated her experiences in the business world into transformational pearls of wisdom that encourage us to push beyond plateaus of fear and complacency to achieve our highest personal and professional potential. I would absolutely recommend Strategic Samurai for those looking to up their game.”

Heather Greene

Founder & CEO, Sprout Concepts, Santa Barbara, CA

“Kymberlee showed off her Strategic Samurai and team building skills at a recent conference I attended, and I have nothing but positive memories of the experience. Her insights transcended business into the personal realm, and I still keep her message, “See past the obstacle” near my desk! Her presence was both warm and commanding, and she captivated all of us with the power of her message.”

Anna Patrick

Associate Digital Publicist at Media Connect, New York, NY

“My experience with Kymberlee was at a recent conference attended by some pretty savvy business leaders. She led us through a high energy exercise that really resonated with the group. The message was elegantly simple, the impact significant. It was a difficult assignment—given the audience.”

Bill Wiersma

Author and Speaker, San Francisco, CA

“You don’t know what to expect when you walk up that board Kymberlee is holding for you to “break through.” Needless to say when you break through your board you feel like you can conquer the world. Kymberlee’s seminars build confidence, team energy, and camaraderie. I haven’t felt closer to my team in ages and it’s all thanks to Kymberlee’s expertise and presentation. Thank you for an amazing experience! The unconventional experiences are always the most lasting.”

Kyle Svenningsen

Producer: Make It Work Media, Santa Barbara, CA

“What an empowering experience! I was filled with fear and anxiety as my turn approached, could I really break that thick board? Will I break my hand or wrist? I hope I don’t fail!…but with Kymberlee’s easy manner, technical skill and focused guidance I broke the board not only easily, but totally painlessly. It was amazing & exhilarating! I knew right then I could conquer anything I put my mind to. Harnessing my internal focus with her guidance was so powerful, I was completely blown away… as was the entire room of over 150 women whom she helped succeed that day! You have to do this, truly life changing!”

Linda Lockwood

Business Consultant & Accountant, Port Townsend, WA

“Kymberlee was masterful at organizing a room of over 100 women, inviting them to state their innermost desire and seeing past the barrier of wood to what lay on the other side: its manifestation. The fear and doubt I had before walking up to the board did not match the exhilaration I felt coursing through my body when I broke through. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. To this day, and each day, I am reminded of my desire and the image of it on a red rose. Powerful and life changing.”

Joelle Lydon

MA, CPC, Relationship Coach, Albany, NY

“It was such a fantastic empowering experience! I can still remember how my entire body tingled with excitement before, during, and after the exercise. I was also nervous, but I witnessed how each person surprised themselves with their own power. When it was my turn, the look on Kymberlee’s face transmitted her calm confidence and I was reassured that I was in safe hands. It felt like pure electricity going through my body. It was such an amazing team-building exercise and it taught me so much about myself. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world!”

Lai Har Cheung

Holistic Health Counselor, Philadelphia, PA

“Kymberlee’s board breaking seminars are amazing. Her presentation framed our experience so that the impossible seemed possible. She has a strong and serene presence that brings forth our own inner warrior. I loved how her spiritual philosophy inspired me to see what is possible for myself. This seminar is the perfect way to give your team a way to break through any barriers and take them higher!”

Andrea Gaines

Wellness Coach, Chicago, IL

When I was asked to give a TED talk, I was both extremely honored, but, also, I had absolutely no idea what I was in for! I have given hundreds of talks to audiences big and small. But the TED stage is a different beast — every word matters. Kymberlee — a veteran of the TED community — helped me tremendously in the weeks leading up to my talk and afterwards. In a situation where you need an objective observer to give you honest and intelligent feedback, Kymberlee strikes the perfect balance of supportive and critical. Kymberlee kept me on point, focused and she took the time to figure out what my objectives really were and how to get me there. She not only helped me with the specific task of my talk, but she gave me insights that continue to help me in my public speaking and beyond. She is a true master of her trade and I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from her.”

Juna Kollmeier

Astrophysicist, TED Speaker

Before working with Kymberlee my stories were long winded, chaotic, and lacked anything resembling a punch. Thankfully, I found Kymberlee well before taking the stage at TEDxSantaBarbara and my life has never been the same since. Now I use well-crafted, hard-hitting stories in every single area of my business and marvel at the power they have to influence and create the change I want, no matter who I’m speaking to. Stories are my new secret weapon and Kymberlee is the only person I trust to take them from good to life changing. Trust me: you need stories, and you need Kymberlee.”

Traver Boehm

TEDx Speaker, Author, Coach

I thought I had public speaking down pat. I’ve addressed audiences all over the world ranging from 62 to 1000 people. But going into that red circle at TEDx and connecting with a vastly diverse audience on an idea that can be shared around the world is like moving to another planet. Kymberlee made that move effortless and exciting. As a former Green Beret, I have followed a lot of quality leaders and coaches, and I would follow Kymberlee anywhere… Especially into the red circle.”

LTC (Ret.) Scott Mann

Green Beret, Entrepreneur, Storyteller, Trainer, Coach and Author


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