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Leslie Boyer

Emotional Intelligence Speaker, President, Leslie Boyer SHIFT Consulting

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About Speaker Leslie Boyer…

The world is calling for authentic and empathic leaders—leaders who are true to themselves and have an understanding of others is critical to inspire people to perform beyond what they think they can do.

These attributes are linked directly to the bottom line. Based on the 2015 Global Empathy Index, companies that treat their workers well and demonstrate empathy for their customers increased their value more than twice as much as companies who don’t.

How you think as a leader shapes your behavior. Attitudes and beliefs drive how you react to the world and the people around you. They have a direct correlation to how true you are to yourself and how that impacts others. If there is a disconnect between a leader and their team or the leader simply wants to invest in developing themselves, having a dialogue with a skilled coach can deepen self-awareness and expand your ability to connect with people and help them create deeper meaning in their work. This translates into employee engagement and better results.

Leslie has coached leaders’ world-wide in Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years. Her coaching program catalyzes new ways of thinking, opens up perception and develops a deeper empathy of self and others.

Through a series of assessments and questions, Leslie clarifies the heart of the matter while creating a step by step action plan to achieve stated outcomes.

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