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Whitney Johnson

Disruptive Innovation Thought Leader, Author, Business Advisor

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    Massachusetts, USA

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Whitney Johnson’s Key Accomplishments Include . . .
Whitney Johnson is a leading thinker on driving innovation via personal disruption, and the co-founder of a boutique investment firm with Clayton Christensen.

A disruptor of ideas and wielder of influence, Whitney Johnson uses her talent to build movements. Having immersed her life and studies in the idea of personal disruption, this innovator and former Institutional Investor-ranked Wall Street analyst infuses communications with a palpable business story.

Whitney is the author of the acclaimed Dare, Dream, Do: Remarkable Things Happen When You Dare to Dream. She has been named on numerous “Smart Thinkers” and “People to Follow” lists including the prestigious Thinkers 50 by major media such as Inc. Magazine, Business Insider and Huffington Post and is quoted in Wall Street Journal, CNN, Fast Company, Forbes and more.

She regularly speaks and consults with Fortune 100 Companies including J&J, PepsiCo and Morgan Stanley.

Whether speaking at corporations and universities, contributing at international conferences, blogging for Harvard Business Review or tweeting 140-character messages, her prolific insights on personal disruption, disruptive innovation, and startups are imbibed and shared by tens of thousands of loyal followers.

More About Speaker, Whitney Johnson . . .
Whitney Johnson’s exceptional focus and discernment for momentum—when it’s building, when it’s peaking and when it’s gone, has enabled her to pick winners – whether stocks, start-ups, concepts or people.

As co-founder of a startup investment advisory firm, she co-led an in-the-trenches venture that applied frameworks of disruptive innovation to investing.

Whitney Johnson also provides strategic and tactical advice to CEOs of early stage start-ups—advising how to influence opinion, build a movement and connect to the right people – and works as a strategic consultant and advisory board member for companies of all sizes to take disruptive ideas to the next level.

In addition to keynotes for Fortune 500 companies, universities and non-profit organizations, Whitney facilitates breakout sessions, moderates roundtables and appears on panels.

Testimonials 8

  • “Whitney engaged the audience with business insight, wit and humor to remind this seasoned audience, that women are disruptive innovators. We were honored to have her speak and it was obvious to all that Whitney is one to watch.”

    Sara Dansie Jones

    Chair of Utah Women in Tech

  • “Your unique ability to challenge while inspiring individuals and businesses to disrupt themselves is priceless.  You have helped us individually and as an industry move towards greatness by finding the courage to jump from our comfort zones.”

    Dirk Beveridge

    UNleash: WD Summit, President, 4th Generation Systems

  • “We were grateful to Whitney for her involvement in the Harvard E Business Conference 2013. It was truly an honor to have her there. Her keynote talk was incredibly well received and certainly set the tone for the day, bringing the theme of the conference together.”

    Shilpa Batra

    CEO/President, Harvard Extension Business Conference

  • “Whitney and her team were extremely efficient, professional and fun to work with. I would recommend her highly to colleagues at other college campuses as a great speaker in the areas of professional and personal development, career strategy, and student engagement.”

    Dr. Steve Bragaw

    Professor of Political Science, Sweet Briar College

  • EXCELLENT response to Whitney’s presentation. Whitney had great energy, always important at the end of a long day, and people found her relatable and approachable.  She really tied together all the elements of the program very well. Guests  enjoyed talking with Whitney during the book signing and felt it was a good thing to have a female keynote.  Very pleased!”

    Goodwin Procter LLP

  • Rethink the fundamentals of your life. Figure out what you were meant to do. Disrupt your status quo. That’s Whitney Johnson’s invitation (and challenge) to each of us in Dare, Dream, Do. I urge you to accept her invitation.

    Clayton M. Christensen

    Best-selling Author, The Innovator’s Dilemma

  • As an accomplished business leader, Whitney Johnson acutely understands how to translate ambitions into action. Dare, Dream, Do not only ignites the courage to pursue your aspirations, but also serves as a powerful guide to achieve what once may have seemed out of reach

    Moira Forbes

    publisher ForbesWoman

  • Dare, Dream, Do is filled with great advice and energizing true stories from real women who are bootstrapping their way toward a dream. Pick up this book and you just might find yourself living a life you’ve only imagined!

    Barbara Corcoran

    investor on ABC’s reality show “Shark Tank”

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