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Broadcast Television Weather Anchor

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About Keynote Speaker Lonnie Quinn

Lonnie Quinn is the chief weathercaster for CBS 2 News in New York. He can be seen doing his job on weekdays at 5pm, 6pm and 11pm. His career has as well taken him to the national stage as the weather anchor for The Early Show‘s Saturday edition. Lonnie’s career on small screen began with a role on All My Children. This role helped him to develop a comfort in front of the camera that aided his transition to broadcasting. He received his first big break at WVIR in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he reported on the Thomas Jefferson/Sally Hemings controversy and the famous baby switch at the University of Virginia hospital. Quinn also covered Emily Couric’s rising political career before her life was tragically cut short in October 2001.

Next stop, which was a turning point in Quinn’s career, was Miami, Florida. Promoted to full-time weather anchor, he refined his on-air style and became one of Florida’s most popular broadcasters. Wanting to breathe life and excitement into weather, he became known for delivering the forecast with a highly engaging and entertaining flair. Working in one of America’s highly hurricane-prone regions, Quinn guided people of Miami through the most active hurricane season in its history. He worked closely with the National Hurricane Center’s Max Mayfield, and joined the “Hurricane Hunters”, gathering data on a category five hurricane, and flying into the eye of Hurricane Isabel when it hit the North Carolina coast. As a private pilot himself, Quinn also holds a meteorology certification from the FAA.

The proud winner of six local Emmys, including one for Best On-Air Talent, Quinn is passionate about reporting the day’s top stories. Quinn is a strong believer that because every news outlet is following the same event, you have to find a way to make the story your own.

Quinn’s enthusiasm for broadcast journalism is only matched by his desire to help orphaned children in need, a mission imparted to him at an early age by his family. Quinn’s parents first became involved in the foster care system in 1984, when they took in a four-month old baby girl who later became Quinn’s adopted sister. His family went on to help raise six other foster children, providing invaluable guidance and support in their developing years. This firsthand experience has made Quinn an impassioned and informed advocate for foster care.

A graduate of Boston College who majored in speech communications, earning magna cum laude honors, Quinn is also a huge sports fan and former competitive swimmer at the college level.


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