Michael Landers

Founder of Culture Crossing, LLC, Global Business Consultant

  • Michael Landers` Keynote Speaker Fee This reflects Michael Landers`s U.S. Speaking Fee

    $10,001 - $20,000

  • Languages Spoken

    English, Portuguese, Spanish

  • Travels From

    California, USA

  • Michael Landers`s Keynote Speaker Fee This reflects Michael Landers`s U.S. Speaking Fee

    $10,001 - $20,000

  • Languages Spoken

    English, Portuguese, Spanish

  • Travels From

    California, USA

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About Keynote Speaker Michael Landers

Michael Landers is the founder of Culture Crossing, LLC, a global consulting organization dedicated to finding innovative solutions for groups and individuals working in challenging global conditions. Michael’s work focuses on providing clients the necessary tools to help them achieve their goals, over­ come obstacles, and navigate the complexities of global business with savvy, and style. For the past 15 years, Michael has been busy designing and facilitating programs for global executives and managers on Leadership coaching, cross-cultural communication, team building, cultural diversity, inclusion, sus­tained employee engagement and international recruiting and staffing.

Michael has conducted business in over 30 countries, including building and growing a consultancy busi­ ness in Japan, staffing a global advertising conglomerate throughout Europe, and Leading a business development initiative in Latin America. These experiences have Left him with a strong understanding of the pitfalls and challenges business professionals may face while working with the global community. He regularly facilitates Large groups as well as conducts private coaching sessions. He is fluent in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, proficient in Japanese and has a working knowledge of Italian. He also shares his expertise with others by Lecturing at schools and universities across the country on subjects such as intercultural communication, cross-cultural marketing, negotiation, and HR management, among other topics.

Michael is also the founder of the online portal, culturecrossing.net, which is an evolving database of cross-cultural information about every country in the world. This free, user-built reference is an invaluable resource for business professionals and is quickly gaining recognition as the perfect primer for all one’s intercultural experiences.


Michael is one in a million.  He combines a rare and deep understanding of global cultural issues with humor to create awareness on one of the most important topics of our era.  His stories and teachings have been invaluable for us at SAP Academy, as we have trained hundreds of millennials from over 50 countries in our global training facility.

Rae Kyriazis

Global Vice President - SAP

Michael’s insights, told in an easy-to-follow style and illustrated with eye-opening anecdotes, will help so many global citizens open up their minds and better understand each other — more easily accomplishing their mutual objectives.

Global Head of Employee Communications, Engagement, and Culture

HP Inc.

I had the pleasure of attending a training through my company where he was the speaker and his grasp and knowledge of human behaviors and interpreting them would be useful for anyone who is striving to improve upon understanding human interactions and relationships.  Highly recommended!!


Meredith Weston

“The most profound reality we face as marketers is the multicultural fractionalization of our marketplace.  We are perplexed by this so we continue to talk in our own voice rather than learning how to  listen to these diverse voices with an empathy that is agile and truly customer centric.  Michael Landers has changed the way our people think and act with his method and teaching.”

Bill McDonough

SVP & Chief Marketing Office - MI Homes


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