Speaker Michael Lombardi

Michael Lombardi

Football Analyst, The Ringer

  • Speaker's U.S. Fee Range
    $7,500 - $10,000 i
  • Languages Spoken
  • Travels From
    New Jersey, USA

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Michael Lombardi’s Key Accomplishments Include…

Using the sports world as his backdrop, Michael provides the audience with a fun, entertaining, engaging presentation that will make you laugh, think and most of all help your organization win championships, just like Belichick and Walsh.

“Look, Mike’s one of the smartest people I know,” said Belichick. “He’s one of the smartest people I’ve worked with. He was huge asset to me for the two years he was here. So Mike’s a smart guy and he studies football and he knows it very well. I would say probably on all teams.”

Michael has worked for, coached alongside and managed men who have won 11 of those Lombardi trophies, many of them the immediate or delayed result of the kind of foresight, ingenuity and sheer force of will displayed by Belichick during that goal-line stand in Arizona. The story behind that now-legendary play is just one example of many that he has collected over his career. Michael could argue that no one in modern NFL history has had as much direct access as he has to the men who most changed the game of pro football. And he would argue that no one is better suited to highlight and explain the brilliant lessons and revelatory insights of these masters, on the field and off.


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