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Michael Veltri

Business Transformation Expert, U.S. Marine Veteran, Cancer Survivor

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It’s hard to define Michael Veltri with a single word.  He’s been called a prolific business transformation expert, a visionary, and a warrior.  His pioneering body of work in which he extracted powerful mindsets and tactics that fuel performance from 5000 years of ancient wisdom has helped organizations of all sizes achieve unprecedented success.  Unlike unidimensional performers, Michael brings a multifaceted set of experiences to every engagement.  Passion meets purpose.  Eastern wisdom drives modern business results.  Inspiring yet actionable; captivating stories blended with practical techniques.

Veltri is a proven entrepreneur with both the successes and battle scars to show for it.  Spending a decade in Japan, he’s discovered a new system for performance, based in time-tested practices of ancient warriors. A cancer survivor, martial arts master, U.S. Marine veteran, and bestselling author, Michael brings an authentic, grounded, and inspiring presence to every engagement.

Why Michael Veltri?

Michael Veltri is a battle-hardened entrepreneur, bestselling author, and business transformation keynote speaker on a mission to teach successful professionals better decision-making skills to achieve peak performance with balance — not burnout.

Testimonials 6

  • Michael’s talk was inspiring, yet loaded with practical tools we will begin to implement immediately. Simply put, it was one of the best talks I’ve ever heard.

    John A. Flasco

    Senior Vice President, Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch

  • Too many executives in the workplace today suffer from information overload, analysis paralysis, and death by a thousand initiatives. Our challenges today come from too much, too many, too fast, and too often — not too few. So how do you find clarity in all this overload?

    Michael Veltri’s keynotes offer a surprising new way to cut through the confusion, find the essentials, and make the decisions you need to make. You need to get him in talking to your executives today.

    Nick Morgan, Ph.D.

    CEO, Author, Keynote Speaker, HBR & Forbes Blogger - Public Words, Inc.

  • Michael’s enthusiastic and engaging personality captures the attention of any audience. His innovative and interactive techniques are clearly rooted in decades of immersion in the study of Eastern wisdom. Easy-going and approachable — more artist than Drill Instructor — Michael is rooted by a confidence and expertise gained through many years of hard work and study. His words and actions inspire audiences world-wide and will easily improve the performance of your team. To see it, is to believe it.

    Col. Michael Callender

    Colonel - U.S. Air Force

  • The ability to be present in the moment, to make decisions without hesitation, and the discipline to stay the course are all qualities required for those of us in leadership positions. Our teams rely on our experience and wisdom to guide them to victory. Michael’s experience in the military and in the martial arts gives him a unique perspective. For those of you that do not train in the martial arts, it may seem that military training and the martial arts go hand in hand. However, the art that Michael practices is the gentle art of Aikido which embodies a very different approach to neutralizing an attack or conflict. This is what makes Michael’s talks so interesting. If you’re looking for a truly unique experience that will really keep your team’s attention, hire Michael for your next event; it will be an experience you won’t forget!

    Bill Storm

    President - Consulting By Choice

  • Michael is a dynamic and energetic communicator who is able to translate martial arts axioms and principles into actionable life principles, making them relevant to his audiences, be they his Aikido students, young adults starting their professional careers, or executives with decades of experience.

    These principles have let me unlearn a lifetime of unproductive and reactionary responses to threats and conflicts and replaced them with techniques that de-escalate, clarify and resolve situations. It has become easier for me to work with high-value, high-needs creative staff and management, and I’ve become a better manager and leader.

    Albert Lukban

    Director of Internet Strategy - (for an) International Public Health NGO

  • Michael is never content with maintaining the status quo and is always ready to challenge himself and others to a higher level of success and abundance. He had a profound influence on me as a husband, father of two, and scientist. In short, whether it is an educational or professional setting, you can hardly find a more insightful and motivational speaker who is also warm, compassionate, and professional — all in one!

    Dr. Alexander Smirnov

    Staff Scientist - National Institutes of Health

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