Speaker Michelle E. Messina

Michelle E. Messina

Silicon Valley-based Speaker, CEO, & Entrepreneur

  • Speaker's U.S. Fee Range
    $7,500 - $10,000 i
  • Languages Spoken
    English, Spanish
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    California, USA

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Michelle E. Messina is CEO of the international training and consulting firm, Explora International LLC and co-author of the best-selling book Decoding Silicon Valley:  The Insider’s Guide.  She pioneered Silicon Valley’s Best Practices training programs in 2004.  Since then, the curriculum and consulting expertise has expanded to meet the needs of startups, CEO’s & founders, investors, corporate venture groups, angel and seed investors, mentors, and regional ecosystem partners.

For startups and growth mode companies, Michelle helps them identify market opportunities, turnaround difficult situations, and build sustainable businesses with more predictable revenue streams. She has heard more than 5000 company pitches. For international governments, Michelle identifies gaps and opportunities in the ecosystem and implements strategies to address them and aligns supporting partners including mentor, universities, and investors.

As a serial entrepreneur and consultant, Michelle is an expert pitch coach and has trained the winning companies at the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017, Startup Grind 2017 & 2016, LeWeb 2013, and more. She has worked in, or traveled to, more than 60 different countries, including developing, post-war, and transitional economies.

Michelle is a sought-after speaker and travels regularly supporting public private partnerships benefitting SME’s, women, and entrepreneurs.  She mentors entrepreneurs at the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center, The Last Mile @ San Quentin Prison, Telefonica’s Wayra academies, and Innovation Center Denmark. Michelle is also a NASDAQ Author-in-Residence and bilingual in English and Spanish.

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  • Michelle is a pioneer in the international training business acceleration space since 2004 and has impacted thousands of companies bringing knowledge and skillsets to burgeoning startups worldwide. One of the many things that I’ve admired is that Michelle extends her expertise, training and access to high school and college students from around the world (in addition to business executives and policy makers), exposing them to possibilities, setting goals, empowering dreams, and giving them tools and pathways to achieve them, at early ages.

    Michelle’s approach is collaborative and inclusive which builds teams of talented people who “pay it forward” and willingly give of their time and expertise to help other entrepreneurs, many of whom are from other countries. She walks her talk and is a strong role model for business women and men, across a vast array of cultures. It’s a pleasure to work with Michelle and recommend her.

    Deborah Siegle

    Market Research, Strategy, Positioning Expert

  • Strong foundation is what Michelle helped us build and it led to being acquired by one of the largest companies of the world – Rakuten. In our early startup days, Michelle guided us to build the sales strategy and a company that becomes successful globally. She understands the startup’s first steps and next while remaining laser focused on the path with many unknowns. For a startup, Michelle’s ROI is indeed, very high.

    Heikki Haldre

    Chairman at The Future of Retail Organization

  • I recently had the pleasure of participating in Michelle’s 1-day training seminar for mentors at Startup Mexico in Mexico City. Michelle has fantastic communication and presentation skills, deep experience, and broad international perspective; all of which helped me enormously as a new mentor. She is also as quick-witted as she is engaging with her audience. Our all-day training session felt like it passed in an instant. I would highly recommend Michelle.

    Lawrence McDaniel

    Full Stack Developer

  • “Outstanding experience” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Michelle. I had the pleasure of knowing Michelle during the WAYRA’s bootcamp and was impressed with her knowledge and her ability to handle even the toughest questions effortlessly. Amazing!

    Alexandra Gamarra

    CEO at Usetime.co

  • Michelle is an skilled executive with a deep understanding of international companies and businesses, and how they relate to the Silicon Valley culture. Her experience working with entrepreneurs, executives and students from around the world makes her a unique “window” to the valley.

    John Thomas

    Director of Engineering at Google Cloud

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To feed our ever-increasing world population, projected to surpass 9 billion people by 2050, today’s
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A changing labor force around the world is driving increasing demand for technological and robotic
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• CROP PRODUCTIVITY: Vertical and indoor farming, integrative crop management, local farm management,
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• WATER: Treatment, desalination, delivery, conservation, water management
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• FOOD LOSS & WASTE: Production, handling, storage, recycling and composting.


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