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Mike Abrashoff

Former US Naval Commander, Leadership and Performance Expert, Best Selling Author

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About Speaker Mike Abrashoff…

Mike Abrashoff is a leadership keynote speaker, performance expert, former US Naval Commander, and author of the million-copy, management-technique bestseller It’s Your Ship. In his talks, Mike shares his management principles called The Leadership Roadmap. He shows people at every level of an organization how to take incremental steps toward change that can make a dramatic difference.

Mike Abrashoff’s Full Bio . . .

Mike Abrashoff was the most-junior officer in the Pacific Fleet when he took command of the near-worst performing ship. Twelve months later, the USS Benfold was the best ship in the entire Navy – using the same crew. The story of that stunning transformation has lessons for every organization: leadership matters – and culture is everything.

Why Mike Abrashoff?

Mike Abrashoff is at the center of an amazing story of organizational transformation. He took command of the near-worst performing ship in the Pacific Fleet; within twelve months it became the best ship in the entire Navy – using the same crew. How underperformers turned into overachievers makes for an inspiring presentation filled with practical lessons about learning to lead differently. The foundation of Mike’s success was his decision to only focus on what he could control – his leadership style and the culture he created – and ignore everything else.

 Mike equips audiences with fresh ways to build trust, harness people’s passion and achieve extraordinary results. His first book, It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy, remains a best-seller with over 1.1 million copies currently in print.

Mike’s written three books – his first, It’s Your Ship, has sold over 1 million copies. His Leadership Roadmap offers clear, battle-tested, and actionable steps. Mike shows people at every level of the organization how to engage and take incremental steps toward change that can make a dramatic difference at work. Mike is clear, “I didn’t turn the ship around – my crew did that. What I did was to create an environment where they felt safe, empowered and supported. When you do that, anything is possible.” 

In many ways, what Mike was able to do with the USS Benfold was an extreme example of the same problems facing many organizations today. That’s why dozens of publications including The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, and Fast Company have cited Mike’s story as an inspiring lesson for business. Leaders especially identify with Mike’s being accountable for the results in an environment where he couldn’t make the rules. 

“When my crew came to me with a problem, I’d say ‘It’s your ship – how would you fix it?’.” Mike focused on the one thing he could influence: his crew’s attitude, because culture is the ultimate competitive weapon for any organization. 

Mike’s established a set of management principles that he calls The Leadership Roadmap. At the core of his leadership approach on Benfold was a process of replacing command and control with commitment and cohesion, and engaging the hearts, minds, and loyalties of workers with conviction and humility. “The most important thing that a captain can do is to see the ship through the eyes of the crew. The idea is to empower every individual to share the responsibility of achieving excellence.” 

By every measure, these principles achieved breakthrough results: turnover decreased to an unprecedented 1%; the rate of promotions tripled; and the crew slashed operating expenses by 25%. Regarded as the finest ship in the Pacific Fleet, Benfold won the prestigious Spokane Trophy for having the highest degree of combat readiness. This remarkable turnaround was accomplished by the very same crew that had performed so poorly just months before. 

Mike is author of three books. His first, It’s Your Ship, has a timeless message: don’t use outside forces that stand in your way as excuses – control the things you can influence and amazing results will happen. His next books, It’s Our Ship and Get Your Ship Together, showed how these principles have been put into action by business leaders in their own organizations. 

A popular keynote speaker for audiences looking to ramp up organizational performance, Mike has spoken to every industry and kind of audience – from board retreats to front line personnel; from sales groups to universities; from Fortune 500s to startups. He inspires audiences to rethink their beliefs about leadership and organizational culture and tailors the message to focus on engagement, execution, change, safety, diversity, leadership, teamwork, innovation, accountability and more. Prior to commanding USS Benfold, Mike served as the Military Assistant to Secretary of Defense William J. Perry. He also helped draft the air defense plan for naval forces in the Persian Gulf in 1990, coinciding with Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait; and served as the executive officer of the Cruiser Shiloh, where he deployed to the Persian Gulf in support of United Nations sanctions against Iraq. 

Mike Abrashoff is the founder of Aegis Performance Group, a consulting firm which works with and supports leaders as they address leadership, talent and performance challenges within their organizations. Mike and his team prompt leaders at all levels to re-imagine their leadership thinking and create new ways to elevate individual, team and organizational performance.

Testimonials 4

  • Our team enjoyed greatly what you had to say, and the way in which you told the stories.  As you know, we are undergoing our own performance and culture transformation – it is an exciting time.  And it is encouraging to hear the analogy from the experience that you and your crew shared.

    Head of Commercial Banking

    Bank of America

  • We have had many, many, amazing reviews from our franchisees. Mike customized his presentation to hit a bull’s eye around our learning objectives. Mike’s message is great for everyone and he gave our coaches many actionable items to take back to their studios.

    Events Manager

    Orangetheory Fitness

  • I loved your presentation and book. It was a great match for our culture and path. Thanks again.

    Chairman and CEO

    UMB Financial Corporation

  • “His presentation was amazing! The crowd talked about it for the rest of the meeting and made reference to his comments frequently as we discussed other topics.   It was truly an inspiring day!”

    Executive Director of Strategic Programs

    McKesson Connectivity & Analytics

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Meant to deepen the learning from Mike Abrashoff’s keynote talk, Take Action sessions provide attendees with additional powerful tools and strategies to apply in their work environment. Facilitated by a senior strategist from Abrashoff’s firm, GLS Worldwide, and taking place immediately following the keynote, Take Action sessions create an exciting atmosphere that examines the key components of high performing leaders, teams and organizations. Participants will experience innovative, fast-paced individual and group exercises tailored to the leadership and cultural issues most relevant to the organization. They’ll learn practical application of principles outlined in the keynote and build a roadmap to achieve the personal and organizational goals they’ve outlined. Take Action sessions are customizable to meet time and resource-sensitive needs and require a minimum of 2 hours.

The Leadership Journey

The lessons learned aboard USS Benfold combined with the best practices that we have found in studying high performance leaders have been distilled into four simple milestones, what we call, “The Leadership Roadmap.” Using this as our guide to drive your success, we create a custom blend of integrated business-driven activities that span over six to twelve months to elevate your leaders’ ability to drive results and impact productivity.

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