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Patrick Sweeney

Athlete, Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Fear Expert

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    Massachusetts, USA

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About Speaker Patrick Sweeney…

Patrick Sweeney is the son of a first generation Irish immigrant. He paid his way through college where he took up rowing. With just two years of experience, he decided to take on the world and try out for the USA Olympic team. Five years later, he finished second in the Olympic trials and won national and international championships in the process. But he could have been an Olympic Gold Medalist.

After the Olympics, Patrick attended a Top 5 business school where he would earn his MBA and go on to start one of the first cloud computing companies raising almost $30 million, winning great clients, and eventually selling the company. But the venture capitalist made most of the money.

He had skill and more than enough will. He was held prisoner by fear.

Then he almost died, and everything changed.

He bootstrapped a new company he sold for millions. He earned eight patents, published three books, started setting world records, and in 2018 won “the world’s toughest bike race”, the 3,000 mile long Race Across America. He started living the life of his dreams. He invested in dozens of start-ups from Slack to Y-Combinator and has been recognized by Presidents and rock stars for his contributions to charity and business. Once he discovered his Fear Frontier™, Patrick unlocked a level of power, performance and happiness he never thought possible. He searched out the science behind why and how, and today his mission is to share the neuroscience of success and the power of fear with as many people as possible.

Testimonials 5

  • Patrick inspires and instructs as he lays out a road map for breaking out of the rut of the average uninspired life. He demonstrates how to create depth and meaning in the lives of all who hear his stories of using fear to achieve new heights.

    Rosa Scarcelli

    President, Stanford Management (Fellow at Aspen Institute and Former Gubernatorial candidate, Maine 2008)

  • Patrick has a powerful presence and is also a fun guy to be around.  He is always challenging you to be better and stretch beyond your fear frontier (TM).  Since he walks the walk and has done so in business and in adventure he is great at opening your eyes to what might be possible for you.

    Nathaniel Greene

    President & CEO, Stroud Consulting

  • Patrick is a high-energy force of nature.  Always seeking to push himself and others beyond the comfort zone to achieve breakthroughs – physically, professionally and personally.  His enthusiasm and confidence is infectious – people can’t help but feel inspired.

    Ann M. Bilyew

    Managing Director, Boudica Capital

  • Do you want your organization to embrace challenges and welcome the unknown? Do you want your culture to reward risk-taking rather than complacency and status quo? Patrick Sweeney has the unique ability to awaken the adventurer within us all. He reminds us to make a point of scaring ourselves. His dynamic personality and inspiring story will leave even the most passive and disengaged people wondering how to take the leap toward greatness that is only found by pursuing new adventures.

    Mark Anderegg

    CEO, Little Sprouts, Inc

  • atrick inspired our 1,200 sales associates to really push out of their comfort zone and hit a new level of success. We originally wanted Tim Ferris but logistically it didn’t work out, that was the best thing that could have happened to us! Patrick was much more innovative as a speaker plus he has built real companies and set world records – he’s the real deal!

    Brian Underwood

    CEO, Prüvit Corporation

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