Keynote Speaker Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry

Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Thought Leader, Leadership, Performance and Change Expert

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Dr. J.P. Pawliw-Fry’s Key Accomplishments Include:
An internationally renowned thought leader on the subject of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), leadership, performance and managing under pressure, JP is one of the highest rated lecturers at Kellogg School of Management’s Executive Education Program. He serves as advisor to numerous Fortune 100 companies, including long-term consulting arrangements with Johnson and Johnson, PWC, Goldman Sachs, HSBC as well as Olympic medal winning athletes.

JP’s training includes Harvard Medical School’s Mind/Body Medical Institute. Every year, JP speaks with individuals and leaders on over five continents, helping them to improve their overall performance and understanding of emotional intelligence. He is an expert in performing wonderfully under pressure and is one of the world’s most highly sought-after keynote speakers on the topic.

Why Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry

  • An internationally renowned thought leader on the subject of leadership, performance and managing under pressure.
  • He is an expert in performing brilliantly under pressure and is one of the world’s most highly sought-after keynote speakers on the topic.
  • JP is the author of the upcoming book “Performing Under Pressure” from Crown Publishing. JP is also a performance coach to Olympic athletes and business leaders.

JP co-authored the New York Times bestselling book, Performing Under Pressure: The Science Of Doing Your Best When It Matters Most, with noted psychologist Hendrie Weisinger. JP is also a performance coach to Olympic athletes and business leaders. He melds innovative research with powerful inspiration to create thought-provoking and moving keynote presentations. An expert in performing under pressure, he is one of the world’s most highly sought-after speakers on the topic.

Formerly, JP taught executive education at Queen’s University Executive Development Center as well as the Kellogg Graduate School of Management (ranked number one, worldwide). He is now a contributing member of IHHP’s research team, a group that brings rigor to understanding what allows some leaders’, individuals or organizations to perform more effectively under pressure to drive meaningful results on how they can ‘be their best when it matters most’.

J.P. has coached or worked with senior leaders at a number of Fortune 100 companies. as well as Olympic and NBA coaches, US Army and Navy, the CIA to name a few.

More About J.P. Pawliw-Fry . . .
J.P. Pawliw-Fry is a contributing columnist for The Economic Times (the second highest circulation newspaper in the world). Dr. Pawliw-Fry’s high-content and enormously inspiring leadership presentations include a fascinating multimedia show and leave audiences with something different: strategies that they can implement the very next day to make a real difference.

Testimonials 3

  • “I do not say this lightly – the most powerful keynote I have ever heard. JP was charged with setting he tone for the rest of the week.  He clearly over-delivered!”


  • “JP has  great passion and enthusiasm about the material.   Genuinely cares to help our business. Great mix of film clips and presentation slides.”


  • “We truly appreciate the time and effort that went into your presentation and, particularly your willingness to share your knowledge and invaluable experience with our members. This group always looks forward to the insights our speakers provide on how to position their companies for growth and improved customer service. The responses from attendees have been extremely positive. All the hard work and preparation you put into personalizing your presentation for our group really paid off.”

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Self Awareness and Emotional Management

The session provides individuals with the following opportunities:
– Increase awareness of the drivers of high performance and the key concepts of emotional intelligence
– Understand the brain science of emotions that drive our behavior
– Increase Self-Awareness through self-assessment and interactive exercises, to identify the gaps between our intention and the impact we have on others
– Learn strategies to Increase self management and self control during times of adversity, conflict and change
– Practice techniques through interactive exercises

Emotional Connection: Coaching and Inspiring Others

The session provides individuals with the following opportunities:
– Review successes and challenges applying the EQ techniques learned in Day One
– Learn what it means to truly connect with others and develop relationships that inspire and engage others
– Learn strategies to develop Empathy and connection with others
– Develop skills to become a more effective coach and inspire others
– Understand how to approach difficult conversations in a non-threatening way
– Practice techniques through interactive exercises

The Three Conversations of Leadership

The session provides individuals with the following opportunities:
– Review successes and challenges applying the EQ techniques learned in sessions one and two
– Understand the importance and impact of the Three Conversations of Leadership:

  • Daily Conversations
  • Difficult conversations
  • Courageous Conversations

– Practice the skill of having Daily Conversation that build relationships based on trust and respect.
n Learn and practise techniques for having Difficult Conversations:

  • – Giving honest and candid feedback without leaving the other person feeling“beaten up”
  • – Holding people accountable in an engaging way
  • – Giving bad news or saying “no” in a way that ensures the person feels valued

– Learn the Art of Courageous Conversations: techniques to speak your truth when
there is tension and conflict.

One-on-One EQ Coaching

The most powerful form of coaching is at the individual level. IHHP’s one on one EQ Coaching
consists of three to six oneonone
telephone sessions. These sessions are designed to provide
support and accountability to each person in reaching the personal development goals they
committed to in the training program. This Combined with IHHP’s powerful Emotional
Intelligence training programs and the EI360 feedback tool, EQ Coaching will bring the
support, focus and accountability individuals need for personal and professional growth.
Specifically, an EQ Coach will help you to:
– Make a commitment to your own personal development;
– Understand the greater purpose of your life and work;
– Define and hold you accountable to personal goals;
– Increase your ability to handle adversity and setbacks;
– Manage your emotions when tension, change and uncertainty hits;
– Improve your ability to connect and form strong relationships;
– Coach others to improve their EQ – including your children!
– Enable you to stay on track by remembering your purpose and vision.

Extended Learning Sessions

Our Extended Learning Sessions (ELS) are an impactful cost effective way to keep people
inspired and engaged in the learning process. These sessions allow an unlimited number of
participants who have gone through a training program to attend presentations conducted
over the web and telephone, which will reinforce, support and encourage their continued
personal development.
The ELS Series consists of two onehour
sessions spread two to four weeks apart after the
training. They consist of a short review of key concepts taught in the training, approaches and
ideas for implementing those strategies, and presentation of new advanced techniques. In
depth Q & A and a focus on application at work (and at home) are used to further develop
leadership abilities. The structure of the calls follows the Emotional Intelligence model:
Session 1: SelfAwareness
& Emotional Management – understand the emotions driving
our behaviors, and identifying our unique triggers and default behaviors. Practise selfmanagement
techniques to stay calm when there is tension and conflict
Session 2: Emotional Connection and Personal Leadership – use EQ coachinhg
tecnniques to inspire and engage others. Commit to taking action and ongoing
personal development
The Extended Learning sessions are most powerful when combined with the Playing Big
interactive eLearning
program, which is used to reinforce and deepen learning in between


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