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Stephen Smith

Journalism Speaker, ESPN and MSNBC Contributor & Radio Talk Show Host

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About Speaker Stephen Smith…

Respected for his candid commentary and accurate reporting, Stephen A. Smith has established himself as an authority in sports analysis, uniquely interjecting life experiences and athletic references to effectively communicate sports information to his audience for more than 20 years.

Pulling no punches, Smith commentates on sports, athletes, politics and current events with his trademark candor and humor. From high school sportswriter to one of the nation’s most respected sports analysts and preeminent voice in the African American community, Smith credits tenacity and staying true to himself, as he continuously converts challenges into opportunities. Through experiences and interviews with legendary sports icons, such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, he garners valuable insight into leadership, goal setting and tough decision making that he relays to audiences with his trademark candor.

Less than 10 years after high school basketball reporting, Smith became an NBA columnist and then began his career at ESPN as an analyst on its premier basketball show, “NBA Shootaround”. His signature commentary style and accurate analysis landed him a spot on SportsCenter, ESPNews, his own talk show, “Quite Frankly”, and “The Stephen A. Smith Show” on Sirius XM Radio. He is also a regular guest on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, “The Ed Show”, “Hardball” and Fox New’s “Hannity”, presenting his authentic views on race relations, politics and current events.

With lessons learned from career highs and lows, Smith offers valuable insight into what it means to work hard to define and achieve success. Lively and confident, he inspires and engages audiences with firsthand insight into leveraging individual personal strengths to pursue one’s dreams.

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