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Steve Gutzler

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    $10,001 - $20,000 i
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    Washington, USA

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About Speaker Steve Gutzler…

Research shows that 83% of the time, people can effectively manage relationships and tasks. However, in those 17% moments – when interactions become more challenging and work becomes more difficult – people discover the hard truth of whether or not they are able to continue to operate at their full potential. This truth is at the heart of emotional intelligence and leadership.

Steve Gutzler is a dynamic speaker who engages audiences everywhere on leadership, emotional intelligence, and personal transformation. He has an exceptional ability to communicate clear leadership and business solutions with humor, clarity, and insight. Most importantly, Steve provides strategies on how to self-manage those 17% moments in business and life.

Through his programs, Steve inspires greatness for individuals at every level. He believes every keynote presentation should transform a life and inspire leadership, and he presents with passion and conviction.

His clients include Microsoft, Seattle Seahawks, LinkedIn, Pandora Radio, Starbucks, and Ritz Carlton. Steve is also an executive coach to many CEOs, business executives, and leading entrepreneurs.

Testimonials 5

  • “Impossible, Possible, Done! Steve Gutzler has made the topic of Emotional Intelligence relevant and impactful to myself and my leadership team. Over the course of several events with my Senior Leadership Team and Managers of our Global Outsourcing business, Steve has introduced us to a progressive series of topics and exercises aimed at improving our collective leadership skills, and “unlocking” our greatness potential. These highly – interactive sessions have received consistent praise from my organization, and have had an impact on us both personally and professionally. Steve is an energetic speaker whose passion for this topic is infectious. It has been a pleasure working directly with Steve, and to give him the highest of recommendations.”

    Mike Simms

    Chief Outsourcing Officer, Microsoft

  • “Steve Gutzler absolutely “Brings It” each and every time he has worked with our team! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steve since 2002 and in many respects consider him a part of our corporate team in that he was instrumental in the formation of our service vision seven years ago. Steve has been an irrefutable “WOW” during our annual General Managers Conferences, as well as, Leadership Team Advances. He has a unique ability to bring energy, authenticity, and practical takeaways with his enthusiastic keynotes and presentations. The topics that are discussed during Steve’s thought provoking sessions resonate with our team via high-level professionalism, passion, and purpose.”

    Douglas N. Dreher

    President & CEO, The Hotel Group

  • “Steve Gutzler is a fantastic keynote speaker and challenges his listeners to move their leadership performance to the next level. Steve is also a great coach and trainer. I have had the pleasure of co- presenting with him on the topic of Emotional Intelligence for High Performing Leaders. His ability to tell stories to reinforce leadership in invaluable – he creates an immediate connection to his audience. As a former owner of a speaker agency, I have seen hundreds of speakers, and Steve is one of the best in the area of leadership!”

    Bobi Seredich

    Co-Founder of Southwest Institute for Emotional Intelligence, President of EQ Inspirations, LLC

  • “I am very pleased to say that your presentation exceeded everyone’s expectations and was an absolute home run. Not only were you engaging and attention getting, but most importantly, the material has already made an impact. You certainly “Unleashed the Leaders” within all of us! Leadership Conferences differential advantage is our keynote speakers. It is the foundational success of our events. To have you as the star presenter has set a new bar for us. On behalf of all of the attendees of the Leadership Conference division of CSP Business Media, a heartfelt thank you!”

    David Jobe

    President Leadership Conferences CSP Business Media, LLC

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