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Susan Bennett

The Voice of Siri

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About Speaker Susan Bennett…

You may not know Susan Bennett, but you definitely know her voice. In fact, you interact with her on a daily basis, Susan is the original voice of Siri, Delta Airlines gates, and hundreds of banking systems and GPS’s worldwide.

Susan has a fascinating story to tell…the history of Siri, the voiceover business, and the impact of the internet and technology on all of our lives and businesses. Plus, she has several other voices to share with you, as well as anecdotes about Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and other icons who have changed all of our lives.

Susan has seen the business from inside and out. She started out as a singer, recording hundreds of radio and TV commercials, including her first appearance as a machine, Tillie the All Time Teller for First National Bank, and performing onstage with musicians such as Burt Bacharach and Roy Orbison, as well as with her own band, “Interactive!” She then started doing voiceovers, everything from promos and narrations to character voices and digital assistants, which she has been doing for decades now.

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