Keynote Speaker Kevin J. Surace

Kevin J. Surace

Futurist and Disruptive Innovation Keynote Speaker, Creator of First Smartphone and Digital Assistant, Innovator of the Decade

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About Speaker Kevin Surace…

Kevin Surace is a futurist and disruptive innovation keynote speaker, CEO, creator of one of the first smartphones and AI digital assistants, and an innovator of the decade. Surace has disrupted every industry he has entered from communications to A.I. to building materials and has been awarded 85 worldwide patents. He doesn’t just talk about a topic, he led the way, hands-on, so he can speak from experience.

Kevin has been named Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year, CNBC’s Innovator of the Decade, and inducted into RIT’s Innovation Hall of Fame. While he has a deep technical background, he has been featured in over 15 TED and TEDx talks and is a high-energy dynamic speaker and true entertainer who has excited, educated and energized 100’s of audiences to action with his personal brand of “Edutainment.” With a rare background in technology, leadership and theater, he is that unique blend that engages audiences like no other speaker can.

Why Kevin Surace?

Kevin Surace is one of the leading innovators in Silicon Valley. He brings his unique hands-on experience to the stage with incredibly fun, interactive, high energy presentations.

Before there was iPhone or Siri, Surace disrupted the communication and A.I. industries with AirCommunicator and Mary (Portico). AirCommunicator was the first smartphone to transmit data over cellular and Mary was the first AI digital assistant. The technology for all digital assistants has been based on the many patents from Surace’s work.

In the construction and energy industries, he led the development of soundproof drywall (QuietRock) and materials with lower carbon footprints (like EcoRock) and ultra-energy-efficient windows, which his company used to completely retrofit the Empire State Building in record time and under budget as well as the New York Stock Exchange. He was the co-inventor of web-based multivariate reverse auctions and is currently focused on AI ad Digital Transformation across a broad landscape. As CTO and Chairman of, Surace’s company is now disrupting the software QA industry.

When not disrupting industries or “edutaining” audiences, Surace is a true renaissance man as a music director, producer, arranger, and percussionist. His 2AM at the Sands show is blowing away audiences at conferences and events. It is about a night in 1966 Vegas and stars Broadway’s Andrew Samonsky. This fantastic show is available for booking now from BigSpeak (here) and includes a keynote from Kevin of your choice. 

Surace’s work and accomplishments have been featured in Businessweek, Time, Fortune, Forbes, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, and FOX News. He has keynoted hundreds of events, from INC5000 to TED to the US Congress.

Kevin’s most requested talks include:

  • Digital Transformation 
  • Artificial Intelligence and Automation and the Impact on Your Company 
  • Bring Silicon-Valley Disruptive Innovation to Your Organization

Kevin uniquely customizes his talks for each client, delivering exactly the messages the client requires for success. Including his famous “here are the 7 things to do right now” formula’s in each session so people leave with real action items that will change their life. From 18 minutes to 60 minutes, he always leaves audiences begging for more. He is also available to expertly moderate conversations and interview luminaries and executives as well as host workshops and events.

Testimonials 6

  • “Kevin did a sensational job. Edutainment is right. Congratulations and look forward to working with him in the future”

    Michael Silverton

    Head of Macquarie Capital

  • “We were thrilled to have Kevin as our keynote for our KES event! He’s an energetic speaker that can captivate any audience. His talk on AI and the Future of Work was the right mixture of provocative content and engaging entertainment, making for a rich exchange session after his talk. It was one of the best reviewed events ever by our C-Level attendees. We were so happy and hope to work with him again in the near future.”

    Maria Juliana Giraldo

    Partner & Content Curator @ KES

  • “Kevin was great with a perfect combo of thought provoking information and entertainment. Very well done.”

    Steve Furnary

    Chairman, Clarion Partners

  • “Kevin is very inspiring, and underlying this inspiration, he serves solid practical knowledge and great advice that we put right to work”

    Albert Yanez

    President of Americas, AsteelFlash

  • “Kevin is right – big companies can and must do great things to thrive. His message about vulnerability and innovation was so good, the employees were still talking about it at the same event the following year”

    Gabrielle Capolupo

    Sr. Director, Innovation Office of the CTO, Juniper Networks

  • “Our guests were captivated by Kevin’s presentation and it made for great conversations the rest of the day!”

    Iva Klisanin

    Vice President, Macquarie Capital

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