Syed Karim

Founder and CEO of Outernet, Expert on Information Access and Satellite Communication, Global TED Speaker

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About Keynote Speaker Syed Karim

Syed Karim is the founder and CEO of Outernet. He oversees all operations, directs the activities of the team, and leads the development of Outernet’s physical and digital products. Prior to Outernet, he spent three years managing the investment process for news and information startups in emerging and frontier markets. Before Digital News Ventures, Syed lead product development at one the country’s largest public broadcasters, Chicago Public Media. His interest in the economic and social impact of universal information access began in graduate school at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After having lived in four countries, done business in twelve, and visited enough corners of the world to fill two passports, he is convinced that the only thing that separates one human from the next is the degree and quality of information access.


Harvard supports open access to peer-reviewed faculty scholarship, and the participation of our open-access repository in Outernet is entirely consonant with our mission to enhance the distribution, visibility, and usage of Harvard research.

Peter Suber

Director of the Harvard Library Office for Scholarly Communication

Outernet shares many of the same values as [Deutsche Welle], including the belief that access to knowledge and information is a human right.

Deutsche Welle


I’m thrilled at the Outernet vision of free-to-air broadcast of eBooks and other content. I am enthusiastic about Outernet’s effort to bring eBooks from Project Gutenberg and other great collections to a broader audience.

Greg Newby

Director of the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation


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