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Tom Spitale

Customer Relationship Management Expert

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Tom Spitale’s Key Accomplishments Include . . .
As one of the most experienced and sought-after consultants from the Don Peppers & Martha Rogers Group, Tom Spitale initially joined the firm as a speaker and trainer. One of his first assignments was to travel the country presenting the concepts of 1 to 1 marketing to the CRM early adopters and visionaries of the day. As a result, Tom Spitale honed his ability to simply, concisely and clearly communicate the power of CRM strategies to executive audiences in a highly-motivating way.

Today, Tom Spitale continues to be one of Peppers & Rogers Group’s most requested speakers. As the leader of Peppers & Rogers Group Return on Investment (ROI) practice, Tom Spitale has successfully crossed the chasm in his own CRM consulting career, and is helping high tech marketers and their clients do the same.

Tom Spitale has participated in or led engagements with companies in healthcare, financial services, direct marketing, high tech, manufacturing and distribution businesses. During this time, he developed extremely strong facilitation skills, helping visionary organizations apply CRM principles to their own competitive circumstances.

Tom Spitale has been a part of consulting engagements for an impressive client list of Fortune 100’s such as Ford, Wyeth, Boise Cascade, Rockwell Automation, Highmark and SAP. Prior to joining Peppers & Rogers Group, he achieved success in three of the most demanding and respected corporate cultures in the country. Tom Spitale accomplished dramatic growth in his areas of responsibility at Wal-Mart’s Sam’s Club (300% in two years) and at RJR/Nabisco (200% in two years). At GE Capital’s credit card unit, Tom Spitale was the recipient of the coveted Pinnacle Award for quadrupling cross-sell profits in just two years.

More About Tom Spitale . . .
As the CRM phenomenon has moved past the early adopter/visionary organizations and is now permeating into the realm of pragmatists, Tom Spitale has led the creation and significant growth of Peppers & Rogers Group’s ROI practice. As more and more executives demand proof of demonstrable success in their industry before investing in CRM initiatives, Tom Spitale and his team have developed a world class set of tools and strategies for creating, measuring and promoting CRM success at companies implementing customer-centric technologies.

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  • “Tom did a wonderful job preparing his keynote address and workshop to ensure it was relevant to our attendees. The material he covered was very well presented and easy to understand. His manner both during the session and during social activities was very professional, but also warm, which made him very approachable. He invites and handles questions and discussion very well.”

    Pierre LaPalme


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