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Your Voice Is the New Killer App

When Adam Cheyer and Dag Kittlaus developed the Siri application, it was quickly snatched up by Steve Jobs to be included with the iPhone. Siri…

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The 4 Things You Need to Start a Successful Company According to Adam Cheyer

You may not know the name Adam Cheyer, but if you own an Apple smartphone you probably used Siri, the intelligent voice assistant program he…

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Meet the Engineers Who Created and Sold Siri to Steve Jobs

Did you know that Siri wasn’t actually created by Apple? While it was developed by Apple, Siri technology and Siri, Inc. were actually and engineered…

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BigSpotlight: Dag Kittlaus, Co-Founder and CEO of Viv and Co-Founder of Siri

New to our roster is Dag Kittlaus, the CEO and co-founder of Viv Labs, and former CEO and co-founder of Siri. After Apple acquired Siri…

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