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What makes a good life? Robert Waldinger Has Three Lessons for You

In the 1930s, Harvard University began the longest study on human happiness. They invited 19-year-old sophomores from Harvard as well as teenagers from the poorest…

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Big Score for BigSpeak: Exclusive Partnership with Jia Jiang

BigSpeak Announces Partnership with Rejection Expert, Founder of Wuju Learning, Most Viewed TED Talk of 2017, and Bestselling Author Jia Jiang. Santa Barbara, CA— Nov.…

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9 ½ Surefire Ways to Keep Conference Attendees Engaged

Multi-day conferences test attendees’ patience. Here are 9 ½ tips to keep conference attendees engaged.…

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What Viral TED Talks Can Teach Us About Presenting

Learn how these seven speakers captivated their audiences and gave the most popular TED Talks of all time.…

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The 5 Pillars of an Exceptional TED Talk

Delivering an impactful TED talk takes practice, purpose, and the best storytelling skills.…

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