6 HR Apps to Boost Productivity and Simplify Your Life

New digital and cloud technologies are being integrated into the workplace at an ever increasing rate and the Human Resources (HR) department, with its stacks of paperwork and mountains of data, has not been excluded from this technological upgrade. And rightly so.

Technology has begun to change the face of HR as we know it, allowing HR departments to be more transparent and accessible. HR software platforms are talking to one another, sharing resources, and working together to provide new and more actionable insights. Information about pay, benefits, performance and much more can be accessed by employees through mobile apps and cloud software from any location at any time.

With nearly every HR operation going digital, things like recruitment, onboarding, and information collection and storage are more efficient than ever. Thanks to cloud-based systems and big data, information can be interpreted to provide valuable insights with broader application for an organization. And the automation of many tasks, such as billing and paying, provide a more accurate and precise method to a department where inaccurate numbers and information could mean disaster.

And technologies are only improving. Soon employees will be able to change their mailing address, request time off, or change their healthcare plan all from the same portal and without having to send an email to HR.   

Tech advancements such as these are allowing HR departments to focus on the human element. Instead of copious hours spent logging data or responding to employee emails about time-off and 401(K)’s, HR professionals can now devote more time to personally engaging with employees. They can spend time on more vital tasks like finding new hires who are not only qualified for the job but also engage with the company on a personal level. They can obtain employee feedback about the organization.

Or, they can train new hires in virtual classrooms, which make it possible to train a large number of employees quickly and assess their progress through computerized testing programs.

With that in mind, listed below are some apps and software technologies that you should be aware of. These, and other, platforms are changing the way HR departments operate. They could make all difference for you and your organization.

Zenefits (Z2)

Z2 is a redesign of Zenefits’ cloud human resources platform into an app-store platform model that includes integrations with companies like Google, Slack, Salesforce, and Intuit. Zenefits, or Z2, now has an app store to select providers for functions like insurance benefits, payroll and expense reports. Add any of the 17 apps offered and they will be integrated directly with the Zenefits.


Namely is cloud-based software for midsize companies. It integrates personal information, onboarding, performance reviews, and payroll administration into one social media type interface. It integrates with Bonusly for employee recognition and Greenhouse recruiting optimization software. It is also available in the Apple app store.


Once you’ve successfully on-boarded your new employee, this HR app promises to help make their first days smooth and engaging. It basically includes everything you would consider best practice: giving the candidate a welcome call after the offer letter is signed; coordinating a coffee with their manager during week one; or assigning a work buddy to welcome them into the team.


Jobvibe provides morale tracking and issue identification within the team to help managers stay tuned into what employees are thinking. Every week your team rates how they’re feeling about work through this mobile app. Feedback is aggregated and shared so that everyone knows what’s going on. Then the whole team meets to solve issues and celebrate what’s working. In their book, and subsequent keynote, What Motivates Me, Chester Eaton and Adrian Gostick point out that very few managers, however well-meaning, really know what is motivating or discouraging to their employees. And even if they do, they likely don’t know how to apply that information to day-to-day work. Tools like these can help team members and leaders identify where issues lie and understand their core motivators.


This app integrates with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Pingboard Employee Directory software, Paychex, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It makes HR data available to employees and managers without having to ask HR to provide this information. It puts the information in the employee’s and manager’s hands, eliminating the administrative support often required by HR to access this information.


This mobile app for iOS and Android allows employees to clock in and out and request leave, as well as access the company directory, calendar, and colleagues’ schedules.

Tasha Harris is the Content Associate at BigSpeak Speakers Bureau. She graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with honors and a degree in English.  She also holds a certificate in Publishing from the Denver Publishing Institute at the University of Denver. Contact her at TashaH@BigSpeak.com