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Top Technology Speakers

Technology and futurist keynote speakers are experts in innovation, big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. In some cases, these speakers literally demo new, game-changing technologies…

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Our Rollercoaster World: From the Digital 2010s to the Humanistic 2020s

If you think predicting the future is difficult, then try understanding the past. It turns out deciphering the most important trends of the past ten…

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Andrew McAfee, Robots, Technology, and the Coming Digital Provide

Welcome to the second machine age. Say hello to insta-holograms with your favorite droid and say goodbye to factory work and writing boring reports—we have…

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5 Ways that India is Going to Change the World Economy and One Way it Will Not

China and India have been at the forefront of the emerging BRICS economies for years. While Russia and Brazil have slowed or foundered due to…

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6 HR Apps to Boost Productivity and Simplify Your Life

New digital and cloud technologies are being integrated into the workplace at an ever increasing rate and the Human Resources (HR) department, with its stacks…

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