Astronaut Keynote Speakers

These astronauts take their out-of-this-world experiences and bring them back down to earth for you. Whether it’s space exploration or team building under pressure, these BigSpeak Speakers Bureau astronaut keynote speakers have something for everyone. Their message is one of inspiring heroism on a global level. They connect their unique perspective as astronauts to all walks of life with captivating stories that inspire us to reach new heights.

Ron Garan

Space Station & Shuttle Astronaut, Aquanaut, Test & Fighter Pilot, Social Entrepreneur, Humanitarian

Brian Binnie

A 20-year, combat proven, Naval Aviator and world record setting Test Pilot. The only Astronaut to have flown each of the four privately developed space ships in the U.S.

Charlie Duke

Apollo 16 Moonwalker & Former Chairman of the Board of the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation


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