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Research has uncovered a major trend plaguing organizations today — teams readily avoid holding their members accountable for performance and behavior that might hurt the company. Beyond just informing people about not “hitting their numbers,” the essence of this accountability dysfunction is the reluctance of team members to face the discomfort of calling a peer on their actions. Patrick Lencioni, Motivational Speaker from our Speakers Bureau, Leadership and Teamwork expert, has found that as many as 68% of teams struggle to confront one another on counter­productive actions and behaviors. Even the highest level executive teams have a general tendency to avoid these difficult conversations. When trust breaks down at this level, not only performance and productivity, but safety become jeopardized. Fortunately, BigSpeak’s Accountability Speakers and Accountability Trainers include a wide range of communication and teamwork experts that can address both personal and professional accountability while getting your group focused, fearless and back on track.
“No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.” ­ Voltaire

James Clear

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Atomic Habits, Top Booked Keynote Speaker and founder of Habits Academy

Cy Wakeman

NY Times Bestselling Author, Drama Researcher and Founder of Reality-Based Leadership

Jeff Noel

Customer Experience Speaker, 30-year Disney Leadership Veteran, Author & Business Advisor

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