Top Booked Creativity and Brand Storytelling Keynote Speakers

All successful businesses generate creative ideas, innovations, and breakthroughs. And top brands have great stories their customers can tell over and over. If your team is searching for their next breakthrough or looking for a better way to tell your brand story, check out one of these top booked keynote speakers. 

These keynote speakers are experts in creativity and brand storytelling. They have worked at Pixar, founded think tanks, hosted popular podcasts, and created viral videos that have reached audiences numbering in the millions. Each of them has assisted top brands and companies in reaching the next level.

Matthew Luhn motivational quote

Matthew Luhn, Former Pixar Story Artist

Matthew Luhn

Matthew Luhn is an accomplished storyteller and business consultant, with over 25 years’ experience working on Toy Story films, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille and more at Pixar.

Jeff DeGraff

Jeff DeGraff is a top speaker on innovation, professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, and author of The Creative Mindset.

Natalie Nixon

Dr. Natalie Nixon is a strategy, foresight and innovation expert who advises leaders how to leverage creativity as an innovation resource to achieve business goals.

Srinivas Rao

Srinivas Rao is the host and founder of the popular podcast “The Unmistakable Creative.” As a consultant and speaker, he helps companies find out what is truly unique about their product or service.

Kindra Hall

Kindra Hall is an award-winning columnist and national champion storyteller. Audiences walk away inspired and ready to use their untapped stories to close more sales and become better leaders.

Mark Schulman

Mark Schulmann is a world-renowned drummer who has performed with artists like P!NK, Cher, and Velvet Revolver. In his team-building exercises, Schulman uses interactive songwriting and performance to have participants break through their barriers.

Duncan Wardle leading a creativity workshop

Duncan Wardle leading a creativity workshop.

Duncan Wardle

Duncan Wardle is an innovation and creativity keynote speaker. Using art and activities, Duncan pushes executives and their teams to overcome preconceived ideas, act more audaciously, and develop their own innovation “light switch.” 

Peter Guber

Oscar-winning producer Peter Guber is an expert in storytelling for business. He teaches audiences how to connect with their customers using storytelling techniques.

Steve Donahue

Steve Donahue is a change expert, storyteller, and bestselling author of Follow Your Compass. Telling the tale of his daring desert odyssey—Steve Donahue unpacks the secrets of the Epic Story as a leadership tool.

Brad Montague and the Kid President

The Kid President with Brad Montague.

Brad Montague

Brad Montague is a storytelling expert and inspirational speaker famous for co-creating the “Kid President” viral videos in 2013.

Dean McFlicker

Dean McFlicker is an SVP and Creative Director for NBC Marketing’s Original Production Group. He has created campaigns for some of the most successful shows on TV, including This Is Us, The Voice, America’s Got Talent and all of NBC’s live musicals.

Jay Ward

As Creative Director for the “World of Cars” at Pixar,  Jay Ward consults on all CARS-related projects around the world and advises businesses on storytelling.

Erik Wahl

Erik Wahl is a top booked speaker and artist who brings innovation and creativity to a new level. He combines his business background with a passion for innovation as he (literally) paints a new picture for businesses to break out of stale conventions.

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