NFL Keynote Speakers

These NFL keynote speakers bring you their experience working as a team, leading individuals as one, and striving for goals out of most of our perception of reality. These keynote speakers are quarterbacks, coaches, and team owners. Learn how to be a part of a winning team from Super Bowl caliber players, coaches, and NFL owners who have lived through hardships, won championships, and broken barriers most people only dream of.

Jon Dorenbos

Magician and 2-time Pro Bowl Long Snapper, New Orleans Saints & Philadelphia Eagles

Tom Flick

Former NFL Quarterback & Authority on Leadership, Leading Change, Accelerating Performance and Igniting Teams

Desmond Clark

Entrepreneur Speaker, Philanthropist, Former All-Pro Tight End for the Chicago Bears

Mike Tannenbaum

Former GM of the New York Jets, Sports Management Professor - Columbia University, Former EVP of Football Operations of the Miami Dolphins

Andrew Brandt

Former VP, Green Bay Packers, Former NFL Agent, Columnist, Sports Illustrated, Director, Moorad Center, Villanova University School of Law

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