5 Inspirational Speakers Who Are Putting Their Power Towards Good

It’s really easy to read the news every morning and let the state we are in cloud the rest of our day. However, not all news makes headlines, especially the smaller acts of kindness. If we look in the right places, there is so much inspiration to be found. 

We wanted to take a break from your regularly scheduled COVID-19 updates to share some amazing things our inspirational speakers are doing to help make the world feel like the home we know and love. 




Bethenny Frankel’s BStrong organization is focused on providing real time emergency assistance to people in a crisis. So, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise when Bethenny pivoted the group to tackle the COVID crisis. 

The organization has worked tirelessly to amass gear for the first responders of COVID-19, everyone from nurses to EMT’s to firefighters. Bethenny says the entire process has been insane with the group having to “battle governments and price gougers.” 

So far, BStrong has committed to servicing 250 small hospitals in need all over the country. Bethenny equates our medical professionals’ lack of masks and sanitization products to a firefighter running into a burning building without even a helmet for protection. The organization’s direct work with manufacturers has provided $16,559,000 in PPE to healthcare first responders. 




Molly Bloom and her husband, Devin Effinger, started a live podcast called One World Group. The podcast focuses on bringing people together from across the globe during this time of self-isolation and loneliness. People are joining by the hundreds daily to find connectivity and learn as a community. 




During a time of financial insecurity, Investing Expert Kevin O’Leary sat down with BigSpeak for a webinar called “Ask Mr. Wonderful Anything.” Unless you find yourself with a golden ticket to pitch to the shark investors on ABC’s Shark Tank, getting financial and career advice from someone like Kevin O’Leary is unheard of. 




Mark Cuban, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks, sent a company-wide email to all of his employees letting them know he will personally reimburse them for any meal bought at a local, independent business. He hopes this will help support small businesses through 

this time of crisis and put more money back into the economy. 



  • Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis make your glass of wine a tool to fight COVID


Ashton Kutcher, alongside his wife Mila Kunis, have launched a wine label that will donate 100% of the proceeds to charities focused on helping those in need during the COVID crisis. The labels are also interactive to give you a fun space for creativity as an added plus. 

These inspirational speakers are putting their time, money, and power towards helping the world reconnect and rebuild in the midst of a global crisis. With an abundance of negative news right now, let the good these speakers are doing inspire you.