Get Uncomfortable with an UnWebinar: Understand and Own your Finances with Natalie Taylor

Welcome back to the BigSpeak Unwebinar Series.  Join our conversation with Natalie Taylor, personal finance speaker, Certified Financial Planner™ and Behavioral Financial Advisor™ who is passionate about helping with actionable plans for their finances based on values and goals. Natalie will share why finances are such a difficult topic for many, how to align your daily life and your long term financial goals, how to talk to kids about money and if it’s OK to have a weekly splurge.

At BigSpeak, we are committed to living our purpose every day. What better way is there to AWAKEN GREATNESS WITHIN than to partner with our speakers to spark the inspiration and creativity in all of us? This session will feature a Q&A. We will be recording the broadcast and will automatically distribute it to all registrants. For past recordings of the BigSpeak Unwebinar, please visit us here.