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Andrew Klein

Presentation Skills Speaker, Professional MC, Trainer

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About Speaker Andrew Klein…

Andrew is one of Australia’s most in demand Professional MC / Facilitators and a respected authority on Presentation Skills. A former corporate lawyer, Andrew has brought his casual yet corporate MC style to countless conferences and events over the past 15 years, engaging audiences across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Andrew thoroughly researches each client, tailors all his material accordingly and writes his own script notes, yet is well known for his quick wit and ability to think on his feet. He has also become well known for his ability to involve the audience in proceedings, adapt to vastly different audiences and for his improvisational skills. His unique, intricately researched speaker introductions, his lively conference openings as well as his final night summaries transform a potentially dry conference room into an environment where laughter and learning blend seamlessly.

Andrew is not a comedian, although he uses appropriate humour constantly. Rather, he is a specialist Professional MC, so he knows how to make a conference Agenda run smoothly and ensure the conference messages are delivered effectively. The comments from his impressive list of clients are a testament to his prior planning and unique style of delivery. Andrew brings a new creativity to your event, creating an atmosphere where learning is easier… as people learn more when they have been having fun… resulting in people gaining better value for their conference dollar.

Andrew has hosted countless events over the years for Westpac, Ernst & Young, Telstra, IBM, LG, Bayer Healthcare, Dymocks, Coca-Cola, Commonwealth Bank, Aged Care Association Australia, Optus and Allianz to name a few.

Outside of work, Andrew lives in Bondi. His hobbies include getting his hair cut, eating hot chips and trying to convince his wife and 3 young kids that he has a real job.

Testimonials 4

  • “The level of professionalism that resulted from your involvement and the response of our delegates to your style ultimately delivered significant value to Ernst & Young. Our delegates were fully engaged in the conference messages from the outset and I believe your involvement was a key factor in achieving this.”

    Ernst & Young

  • “Within seconds of commencing you turned a room of 150 semi-sceptics into enthusiastic participants. Your energy & enthusiasm, not to mention fun activities won them over and set our conference off to a great start. People immediately relaxed and the ‘Oh no not another conference’ feeling was immediately dissipated. Your humour and ability to engage the team made the conference one of the best ever held by us. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other organizations.”


  • “A very special thank you again, after 8 years in a row now with us. You are a STAR. Your professionalism, humour, attention to detail, ethics and passion for what you do is to be admired. I know from the moment I get your text message that you have arrived at the conference venue prior to the commencement of the conference is a AAHH! moment for me, as the conference manager. Now we are under control in a sense and I can get on with putting out the little fires that crop up with a conference like ours! Our Members love you.”


  • “Andrew’s active involvement in our business to understand our needs and our people, is what differentiates him from other speakers and MC’s. Onsite Andrew’s observations and insights on the overall conference experience for our people goes beyond the brief of his role. His ability to communicate in an engaging and uplifting way to his audience sets him apart. He is now part of the fabric of our organisation balancing his professionalism with building strong personal relationships, so much so our people look forward to seeing Andrew each year and our executives advocate him as our MC.”

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