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Leading Authority on Persuasive Technology

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About Speaker B.J. Fogg…

B.J. Fogg is best known for promoting the concept of “captology,” a word he coined to describe the overlap between persuasion and computers. The founder of the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, he is one of the most sought-after thinkers in Silicon Valley today. As a psychologist, he brings a new perspective on working with technology innovations. He holds at least seven patents, and has additional patents pending.

B.J. Fogg has held full-time positions at Interval Research, HP Labs, Sun Microsystems, and Casio Research. In 2003, shortly after publishing his book, he began investigating how computers can help people develop close personal relationships. This work  led to a startup and the Internet service YackPack. Stanford University awarded BJ the Maccoby Prize in 1998 for four years of experimental research into how computers can change people’s attitudes and behaviors.

He is the founder and director of Stanford’s annual Mobile Health conference. Fogg has created a new model of human behavior change. In 2011, the World Economic Forum selected the Fogg Behavior Model as their framework for health behavior change.

B.J. Fogg applies his findings to companies like eBay (where he’s working to improve customer service) and Nike (where he has helped simplify its sports technology line) and shares his insights with his worldwide audiences. His research goes deep into investigating the psychology of Facebook, how Web site or cell-phone design can impact consumers, and has started research into Peace Innovation (the vision is to innovate persuasive technologies that can bring about world peace in 30 years).

B.J.’s life’s work is to shape technology innovation in ways that benefit the world and make people happier, and his powerful and passionate presentations draw us all that little bit closer.

Testimonials 3

  • “After learning how to apply the Fogg Behavior Model, my team has been able to conceive and deliver experiences to our customers that have improved the financial health of millions.  In turn, many of us have seen significant positive change in our lives both in the office and at home.”

    Stephen Holloway

    Director of Innovation, Enterprise Financial Advice, USAA

  • “As a graduate of BJ Fogg’s Behavior Design Bootcamp, I am completely convinced that Dr. Fogg has developedthe most promising, actionable, and accessible approach to equipping people to intentionally shape their own habits that has ever been devised. “

    Tom Blue

    Director of industry Strategy, Institute for Functional Medicine and Partner, Global Wellness Innovation Fund

  • Learning with Dr. Fogg has revolutionized everything I do.  He taught me breakthrough insights about human behavior and how to integrate this into every area of my life. He is one of the most mindful, innovative and brilliant teachers I’ve ever met.” 

    Juni Felix

    International Broadcaster, Author, Speaker and App Designer

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