Keynote Speaker Chip Eichelberger

Chip Eichelberger

Peak Performance, Motivation, and Sales Strategist, Former Tony Robbins’s International Point Man

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    Tennessee, USA

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About Speaker Chip Eichelberger…

Chip Eichelberger is a peak-performance and motivational keynote speaker, sales strategist, and former Tony Robbins’s International Point Man. He shows audiences how to be their best consistently and to excel in the marketplace. Chip has spoken at 1000+ successful events for clients like Ford, Hyatt, Harley Davidson, Proctor & Gamble, Exxon, and State Farm.

Chip Eichelberger’s Full Bio . . . 

Chip believes audiences are craving engagement, not another speech. For 5½ years as world-renowned business leader Tony Robbins’s international point man, he spoke over 1300 times throughout the US, UK and Australia. This immersive experience sharpened his skills and created a unique style. It is high-energy, humorous, and persuasive and gets results. Chip promises to be THE energy source at your event.

Why Chip Eichelberger

  • Chip does his homework. “He sounded like one of us!” “He took the time to learn our company and culture.” “Chip did his homework, he talked to some of our employees prior to the event and researched our industry to ensure that his presentation was spot on.” “He tailored the session to fit our specific needs by digging into what makes our organization tick.”
  • Contagious energy, engagement and audience interaction. “Chip is pure energy!!! When he took the stage, not only did he ignite our interest, but he stoked a fire in us that is going to be burning for some time to come.” “His energy, engagement and excitement were contagious.” “Chip did a great job engaging our audience and instilling the “Get Switched On” theme at our kick off sales conference.”
  • Amazing speaker to open or close the event. “Our participants left energized, invigorated, smarter and ready to tackle the world!” The Board Break Experience finale was a phenomenal exercise to end out event!” “The energy in the room at the end of the day was something we as an organization have never experienced before.” “The Board Break – Breaking Barriers experience was unforgettable. You reenergized our team and reawakened their passion to life and their job.”

He is a proven pro with 1000+ successful events for clients like Genentech, Ford, Hyatt, AXA, Harley Davidson, Proctor & Gamble, Exxon, State Farm, Dun & Bradstreet, RE/MAX and over 100 diverse associations. He will do his homework on your organization and industry, conduct phone interviews, and customize his message to help ensure his message sticks! He will work hard to make you look like a genius as the decision-maker who hired him.

Chip is one of only 7% of the members of the National Speakers Association to earn the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional designation. He has created numerous audio, video and printed products. His newest book is The Smart Guide To Accomplishing Your Goals.

He specializes in high-energy, interactive and customized opening, after meal and closing presentations. Chip is consistently told by the organizations that hire him that most speakers were a “rental” and that he was a true partner in making their event a success!

Chip will set the tone for the day at your opening session. The energy, spirit of interaction and engagement will energize the vitality of the entire dayAfter lunch is a crucial spot to energize and engage the audience for the rest of the day or before your awards ceremony.

The last and maybe the most important impression at your event is your closing session. There must be energy and a call to action! Many conventions fizzle out at the end. He is famous for his closing team building activity The Board Break Experience – Breaking Barriers program.

Chip is passionate about delivering a “sticky and interactive” experience that grabs the attention of the audience immediately and engages them to not just talk about change but to be committed to it. He is a married and the proud father of three. He lives in Knoxville, TN. He is an avid golfer, traveler, reader, dancer and difference maker in the community.



Testimonials 17

  •  “Thank you for your hard work, preparation,and collaboration prior to your amazing presentation. You for took the time to learn about our company, franchise, people and culture. You were a big hit and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. You truly helped us set the stage for what will be a challenging yet exciting year. I have no doubt that this will be the first of many presentations to Genentech. Be proud.”

    Brian Reardon

    SR Training Manager CT&D, Genetech LGI

  • “Chip brought together the right ingredients to help us close out our 2018 Business Partner Summit, scoring strong approval from our attendees (90 percentile ranking). In addition to his natural energy and enthusiasm, Chip incorporates a “life coach” style of delivery for setting personal/professional goals and a renewed perspective when facing challenges. If you are looking to keep your guests engaged and in motion, I recommend that you consider Chip for your next event.”

    Jeff Charbonneau

    Ardenton Capital Corporation (Managing Director)

  • “Chip helped get our team motivated and Switched On. He was enthusiastic and had high energy the entire time he spoke to our sales force. I was impressed by his thorough research of our company upfront. He set the tone for our meeting of “Own It” and how we each need to be accountable for our own results or go back into our studios for improvement. Chip’s messages were themes that we can take back into our lives both professionally and personally. Chip helped energize our sales team and reminded us that we can and we will prevail.”

    Jim Sterbenz

    VP Sales, Campbell Soup Company, US Retail

  • “Thank you so much for two amazing events!! You truly resonated with our reseller audience and our team. The response surveys from the event were so positive. You really got them thinking differently and motivated them to make some serious changes about life, the way they handle referrals and documenting their success. They rated you a 5 out of 5 and one attendee decided to write in their own number and gave you a 27!! We really loved having you at these events to speak to our partners and love how involved, prepared and engaged you were.”

    Ron Lawrence and Heather Grofik

    Channel Account Manager, Apple and Marketing Account Manager, Ingram Micro

  • Your workshop score was 9.52/10 and speaker score was 9.63/10 with over 1000 people in attendance for your closing Super Workshop. Thank you for your hard work preparing to make this workshop program so successful!”

    Kerry Husk

    Workshop & Seminar Manager, National Auto Dealers Association,

  • “Chip Eichelberger’s “Get Switched On” opening keynote for the NAB Small Market Television Exchange (SMTE) was outstanding. His presentation was engaging and interactive and peppered with just the right amount of humor. He took the time to research the concerns of our industry and conducted interviews with key constituents to be sure his message would resonate for our attendees. And it did… his message was spot-on. Chip set the perfect tone for our conference and attendees gave rave him reviews. Plus, he was great to work with! I will absolutely have him back for another NAB event.”

    Anne Frenette

    VP, Television Operations, National Association of Broadcasters

  • Your presentation was uplifting, entertaining and gave tactical advice our sales team will use. The Board Break Experience truly was an amazing way to end the morning and get our team to commit to their 2016 goals. You would be a huge asset to ANY group who is looking for an amazing, one-of-a-kind speaker. Your ability to connect to a variety of personalities, cultures, and ages is a true gift

    Terry Babilla

    President, BSN Sports

  • Chip hit it out of the park! He was extremely thorough – from his preparation to learn our culture, to his passionate & interactive delivery to his detailed follow up. Chip engaged our group in every way possible and defied us all to reach higher both in our business and personal lives. Chip not only set the tone for the meeting but he delivered a lasting challenge that resonated with everyone!

    Ross Tripp Vice President, Sales

    Phantom Screens

  • “Chip’s “Get Switched On” presentation was well prepared, tapered to our company culture and delivered with extreme passion and enthusiasm. It was new, refreshing and gave us actionable ideas the store managers can use immediately – especially the Morning Huddle. The Breaking Barriers experience was unforgettable. You reenergized our team and reawakened their passion to life and their job.”

    Fred Hewitt -Performance & development Manager Jane Blain Gilbertson - Owner/Vice President

    Blain's Farm & Fleet

  • You will never work with a speaker who can intertwine your business within their presentation the way Chip does. Most speakers are a “rental”, Chip was a partner! If you want a speaker who will pump up your team, and educate them about taking responsibility for their success, then I highly recommend Chip Eichelberger.

    Michael Newman Founder, President & CEO

    Always Best Care® Senior Services

  • “We hired Chip as the closing keynote to our semi-annual Professional Services meeting and he did an awesome job!  Chip did his homework, he talked to some of our employees prior to the event and researched our industry to ensure that his presentation was spot on.  His energy and excitement were contagious.  It was an amazing ending to our meeting.”

    Wilhelmina (Willie) Miller

    PMP - Director, PSO Project Management, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

  • “You made our annual Leadership Meeting a memorable experience. We now know why other M & T regions have used you before. You spoke our language in your talk and your preparation showed. The Board Break Experience was the perfect way to end the day with energy and commitment. I can’t thank you enough for making a difference. The topics you covered in your talk will be referenced many times throughout the coming year. We believe that following your philosophies and approaches to our challenges and opportunities will help us have a successful 2012. It’s amazing to see the transformation….magical is the perfect word.”

    Steve Heine

    Executive Vice President, M & T Bank

  • We just had Chip for the second time to speak to our leadership team. He brings a high level of energy and a unique approach to drive positive change in your daily life. His energy and engagement is beyond anything you will experience! You will learn to self-reflect, identify challenges and make the necessary decisions to achieve your personal and professional goals. Chip will not only motivate you, he will equip you with the tools to make you successful.

    John Cross

    President, NS BlueScope Coated Products

  • Chip ‘lit up the room’ as the closer to our annual national sales meeting. He had a group of very seasoned sales representatives highly engaged and enthusiastic. His homework was obvious! Chip’s message of holding ones self accountable to great results versus just good, and remembering that those things that are simple to do, are just as simple to not do, resonated with our sales team. I continue to hear Chip’s comments creeping into our sales teams vocabulary, which clearly indicates a sticky presentation. We have had some very ‘good speakers’ in the past. Experiencing Chip showed us how wide the gap is to a truly GREAT speaker like him!

    Chuck Meath

    Sr. VP Retail Sales & Marketing, Jennie-O Turkey Store

  • Chip was able to connect with each and every member of our diverse faculty and staff at our first ever All-College Retreat; and he tailored his message to reflect some of the unique challenges we are facing in both higher education and healthcare. His high-energy was contagious, and his message resonated on so many levels. Everyone left feeling completely rejuvenated. I received nothing but positive feedback; and our faculty and staff were talking about the retreat for weeks afterward. All signs of a successful event – and we owe a large part of that to Chip.

    Dean Raymond

    University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry

  • We engaged Chip as the opening speaker at our annual Sales Kick-Off meeting and he absolutely rocked the house and set an upbeat tone for the entire day. We are facing market disruptions and increasing competition. His high-energy, interactive and inspiring messaging forced all of us to critically examine our current performance and left us with a recipe for how to start needed personal improvements. I was so impressed in the diligence and pre-planning research Chip dedicated to our session. My team was buzzing about Chip’s message and awesome delivery for the rest of the day. I couldn’t recommend Chip Eichelberger more highly!

    Chris Power

    Regional Vice President, Presidio

  • Chip was highly energetic and engaging and was a huge hit with the attendees at our Leadership Offsite. He did plenty of research to tune his presentation to our company’s current needs and really motivated the team. We have some great tools to drive engagement and lead our teams through challenging times

    Laurie Mann

    CIO, Yahoo

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