Speaker Dave Mochel

Dave Mochel

Author, Coach, CEO of Applied Attention, Expert on The Science and Practice of Mindfulness, Well-being, Leadership, and Culture

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  • Mindfulness: The Myths, Realities, and Potential
  • Applied Attention: Why and How Awareness Is Fundamental to Performance and Well-being
  • Unconditional Well-being: Simple Steps for a Peaceful and Purposeful Life in an Anxious and Distracted World

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About Speaker Dave Mochel…

Dave is a one-man retreat. He uses compelling stories, research, and humor to create a captivating environment and experience that is dynamic, inspiring, and highly relatable. As the foremost expert in the revolutionary approach of mindful self-regulation, Dave illuminates the incredible human capacity for unconditional wellbeing – the ability to thrive and grow independent of circumstances. Moreover, he shows how we can leverage this capacity with simple daily practices that foster peaceful and powerful lives, relationships, and cultures.

Dave draws on his experience as a two-time cancer survivor, and more than thirty years of studying and teaching the practices and principles of mindfulness, well-being, and leadership, He combines modern science, enduring wisdom, and practical application in a way that is engaging, interactive, and transformative.

As the founder and CEO of Applied Attention Coaching and Consulting, Dave works internationally with individuals, teams, and leaders to help them focus their attention and energy where it will make the greatest positive difference. He gives people the tools they need to:

  • Work peacefully and powerfully with stress, anxiety, distraction, and setback.
  • Strengthen relationships through clear, kind, assertive communication.
  • Turn challenges and resistance into opportunities by cultivating positive internal resources and focusing on what is most important

Dave has coached new and established leaders as well as championship athletes, health care professionals, educators, and entertainers. He has helped start an international leadership academy that serves students from more than sixty countries. He has served as a lecturer in The Purpose Journey at Stanford University, and he is an advisor to The Wayfinder Project and Balance Position.

Testimonials 5

  • Dave’s warm, genuine and engaging personality and style have allowed him to make meaningful and lasting connections with the individuals he speaks to. His open and joyful approach have made him our highest rated presenter.

    Jill Webb

    ISACS Director of Professional Development

  • Dave’s workshop was the most valuable one I’ve ever been to; in addition to the fact that he’s an engaged and engaging speaker, I can’t think of another workshop I’ve attended that offered so much to make me a better person as well as better professionally.

    Mike Stanitski

    Colorado Academy

  • Dave’s keynote was the best in our history. The breakout was equally compelling and entertaining. I have received so much positive feedback. He is changing lives – I know he has changed mine for the better.

    Matthew Briger

    Owner, Sola Salons

  • Dave is one of the most gifted speakers I have ever heard. He is inspirational, and in fact is one of the few people who inspires me to be a better person. One key to David’s natural leadership is the fact that he lives the life we all aspire to.

    Greg H. Kubicek

    CEO, Holt Inc

  • I am extremely impressed with Dave. I believe his approach is the most authentic and essential one for the 21st Century.

    Mamoru Taniya

    CEO and Founding Partner, Asuka Asset Management

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