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Jackie Freiberg

International Best-selling Author, Speaker, Culture Coach, Certified Dare To Lead™ Facilitator

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    Utah, California, USA

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About Speaker Jackie Freiberg…

For more than 28 years, Jackie has been helping leaders create Cultures of Innovation & Change through People, Performance, Profit & Purpose.

Not just a “fly by” speaker

“It was an absolute joy to hear you describe how we could lead with passion and hope. Your energy, insight, and powerful illustrations lit a fire under our leaders, and I am excited to witness the transformation that follows. We were impressed at how you tied your presentation in our theme for the retreat. We eagerly look forward to hearing from you and Kevin at our October Governance Conference and witnessing similarly impressive results with our board members.” President and CEO CHRISTUS Health

“If Jackie’s engagement with us and what we stand for was exceptional and definitely contributed in having a presentation that was tailor made for Smurfit Kappa. We rarely have a speaker who is able to articulate the content of the conference with the company agenda as you did.” CEO, Smurfit Kappa

I just started the CAUSE! book, and really enjoying it. Seeing you in person solidified that I’m a huge fan! I will be reading all of the books and recommending them as well. You did an excellent job of integrating examples from the PBGH and CVS Health as well as my son! I’m so very appreciative of this extra effort and I am very impressed!” CVS Heath, Strategic Account Executive

The homework you did showed as you spoke from the stage. You were completely connected to our culture and tied it in with your message perfectly. Thank you for your attention to detail and inspiring our group with strategies to take back to their business.” Member Education & Special Events Manager, Do it Best Corp..

“I consider Jackie to be a soulmate, she always looks for the good news stories to share. We consider it a real treat when we host Jackie.” Ken Blanchard, author “One Minute Manager”owner, The Ken Blanchard Companies

Recognized as one of the “Top 30 Best Minds on Leadership”, Jackie is one of the most sought-after female business speakers in the nation. 

Jackie is NOT into canned speeches. You will never get an off-the-shelf keynote. When you book Jackie, your speech will be tailor made. She will closely work with you to thread your objectives into her message and co-create a keynote that has ROI and lasting impact. 

She is a business owner and entrepreneur, Jackie speaks, consults and writes on Leadership, Innovation, Employee Engagement, Cause, Team Chemistry and The SheEconomy (a $20 trillion female strength to know). Jackie is also a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator. She was trained directly under the guidance of Brené Brown in 2019. In addition to speaking, Jackie teaches graduate classes at the University of San Diego, School of Leadership & Education. You can read current articles by Jackie and her husband Kevin at where they are regular leadership contributors. 

Jackie is the co-author or 8 award winning books: the international bestseller, NUTS! describing Southwest Airlines’ leadership, service culture and profitability, it’s sequel GUTS!, BOOM! (7 timeless choices for inspiring leadership and accountability), NANOVATION! (a how-to on innovation), Do Something Now and Be a Person of Impact, two quick reads that will change your organization and your life, CAUSE! A Business Strategy for Standing Out in A Sea of Sameness (companies that define themselves as cause oriented have better employee engagement, customer loyalty, stronger profitability and growth) and most recently, Bochy Ball! The Chemistry of Winning and Losing in Baseball, Business and Life – a how to for building team chemistry and leading people to perform like champions.


Jackie’s clients span a wide range of industries and include:

Prudential • GNReSound • PULSE Network • Smurfit Kappa • TEDx • Navy Federal Credit Union • National Restaurant Assoc • Medtronic • Johnson & Johnson • Charles Schwab • Eli Lilly • Tampa General Hospital • Kohl’s • Hallmark • Stanford Children’s Hospital • CUNA • USAA • PNC Financial • Vail Resorts • Sony • Ken Blanchard Companies • McDonalds • National Life Group • Sundance Resorts • Kiewitt • Victoria Secret • Associated Builders & Contractors • MorphoTrust • Cisco • CVS • National Human Resources Association


Other Credentials:

  • Corporate Consultant, National Life Group, Corelation, Inc. and National Restaurant Association: Provides keynotes, workshops, consulting, and coaching on Engagement, Leadership and Culture
  • Public Speaking Coach to the United States Marine Corps Recruiting Office. Trained more than 1,500 Marine Recruiters a year on the Fundamentals of Delivering a Winning Presentation. Semper Fi!
  • Member of the Southwest Airlines’ Culture Committee. One of only two non-employee members invited to serve on the highly influential leadership committee
  • Executive Consultant, Center for Creative Leadership: Provided feedback to executives participating in a five-day Leadership Development Program
  • Manager of Corporate and Professional Programs, University of San Diego’s Executive Conference Center
  • Co-Founder University of San Diego’s Family Business Institute
  • Founded University of San Diego’s Certificate in International Business Program
  • Director University of San Diego’s Institute for Quality & Productivity
  • Professor: Teaches leadership, public speaking, and communications courses as an adjunct professor
  • HR Specialist, College Recruiter and Employee Communications Manager, NCR Corporation
  • Doctorate degree, Leadership, University of San Diego
  • Master’s degree, Communication, San Diego State University
  • Bachelor’s degree, Communication, University of New Hampshire

Testimonials 15

  • I have had the privilege of speaking on stage to audiences all over the world. I have also sat in the audience and listened to some of the greatest speakers of all times. In my humble opinion, Jackie Freiberg is one of the very BEST I have ever heard. She has an inner passion to help people to succeed. She motivates a crowd of folks to join in for a cause. I am very cautious of who I put in front of my company. I would put Jackie on stage anytime to motivate my team.

    Phillip Hudgins

    President, In Vida Financial Network

  • Thank you for an amazing keynote session at the Actuarial Day of Learning this week. I have been receiving great feedback on the whole day and all of the sessions, especially yours. I also want to thank you for being so accommodating and helpful as we planned how to align your message with ours. This work definitely paid off in the final results. Having great sessions like yours was a large part of such a successful event. THANKS!!

    Christopher Masiello

    Senior Learning Specialist, Prudential

  • Bless you, Jackie! Thank you for your very kind words and for all you did to make the Hendrickson Forum 2018 a huge success!! Thank you for all of your grand work with the Hendrickson Board, the Forum guests and with our students (they were thrilled to be able to have some of their ‘own time’ with you!). Please be sure to keep in touch

    Audrey P. Kintzi

    Vice-President Development & Alumni Relations, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

  • Jackie is so special. I was fortunate to spend time with her and her husband a couple years ago (they both spoke for our President’s Club and Chairmen’s Circle. Jackie has been working with us since 2013). By far the best consultant I have ever worked with.

    David Gilmore

    Vice-President National Life Group

  • Thank you so much, Jackie!! You were simply amazing and we were so blessed to have you. Thank you so much for being here. My ‘wheels are still spinning’ from your thought-provoking presentation. Hope to get the honor of having you again someday.

    Scotty Elliot

    President & CEO One Life America

  • Your session with the team at ALL Hands was a HUGE hit. We were inundated by people telling us how much they enjoyed your message and how it was delivered. It was a highlight in a very good two days for our team.

    Greg Grimm

    Sr. Director, Supply Chain Operations, Cisco

  • On behalf of Smurfit Kappa Group in the Americas, I would like to thank you once again for the quality of the content and delivery of your conference in San Diego last week. We rarely have a speaker who is able to articulate the content of the conference with the company agenda as you did.

    CEO, Smurfit Kappa

  • I consider Jackie to be a soulmate, she always looks for the good news stories to share. We consider it a real treat when we host Jackie.

    Ken Blanchard

    Author “One Minute Manager”, owner, The Ken Blanchard Companies

  • Jackie…I am about to forward your contact information to two CEOs. Thank you again…you were, as always, the best of the best…thank you.

    Theresa Benavidez

    CEO Corelation Inc.

  • It was an absolute joy to hear you describe how we could lead with passion and hope. Your energy, insight, and powerful illustrations lit a fire under our leaders, and I am excited to witness the transformation that follows. We were impressed at how you tied your presentation in our theme for the retreat.  We eagerly look forward to hearing from you and Kevin at our next conference.

    President and CEO

    CHRISTUS Health

  • “Jackie’s engagement with us and what we stand for was exceptional and definitely contributed in having a presentation that was tailor made for Smurfit Kappa. We rarely have a speaker who is able to articulate the content of the conference with the company agenda as you did.”


    Smurfit Kappa

  • “The homework you did showed as you spoke from the stage. You were completely connected to our culture and tied it in with your message perfectly. Thank you for your attention to detail and inspiring our group with strategies to take back to their business.”

    Member Education & Special Events Manager

    Do it Best Corp.

  • “Thank you, Kevin and Jackie, for being that voice above all voices in the mostly repetitive motivational speaker world. Your books, philosophies, and attention to what is important to getting the most out of your life has truly made a difference in mine!” “Thanks to you we are no longer dead people working! Dont get me wrong, we still have a ways to go, but I really believe that people are starting to enjoy coming to work. I hear it from the staff EVERYDAY!!! They tell me that they cant quite figure out what is different, but they enjoy coming to work!”

    ISU Credit Union, Paul Gaumer-Executive Vice President

  • “Jackie’s message was absolutely right on target with our objectives to build our brand, grow our culture and serve our people. Jackie set the tone for the entire executive meeting—everyone kept quoting things from Jackie’s kick-off presentation. Jackie has an extremely engaging style—upbeat, and a great presence as she works the entire room. It was, without a doubt, very worthwhile to have Jackie. I would highly recommend her to others.”

    Mark Webb

    Director of HR, Elbit Systems of America

  • “Jackie Freiberg’s presentation was right on target with McDonald’s values. The messages around creating an empowering work environment were perfect!”


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Create a Culture of Innovation: Notice, Lead and Innovate

Innovation is THE business obsession. Yet many business leaders will admit to being slow adopters.

Dr. Freiberg will show you how to create a culture of innovation where everyone owns innovation.  Where everyone Notices, Leads, and Disrupts to create POI (pockets of innovation). In this keynote, Dr. Freiberg will challenge YOU to lift off the blinders, collaborate and create positive change in your corner of the business.

She will help you create a culture where teams of intrapreneurs dare to try.

Jackie will share ideas for how you can…

  1. Get everyone wired for innovation
  2. Get comfortable being uncomfortable
  3. Question the unquestionable
  4. Use limitations to drive creativity

The fact is innovative companies have cultures where it is safe for people at all levels to try new things, test ideas, be entrepreneurial, and lead positive disruptions. Jackie will help you accelerate innovation by sharing practices from some of the most innovative companies in the world.

Re-Think, Re-Imagine, Re-Create Your Leadership Brand

The leader of the past is a person who knows how to tell, the leader of today is a person who knows how to ask, who knows how to inspire a movement, who knows how to look for the story behind the story, and who knows how to tap a collection of talents.

Dr. Freiberg will re-frame leadership for today and beyond. She will challenge you to rethink your leadership brand and engage in a journey of personal and professional development by embracing 10 strategies to build a more intentional and impactful leadership brand.

By deploying these gutsy strategies you will bring the gift of leadership to life in your organization.

Culture & Engagement: Culture is as much the will of the people as it is the will of the leaders.

For more than 25 years, Jackie has been studying, writing about and working with the BEST places, where the BEST people can do their BEST work to make the world BETTER (way before it was cool to be a Best place). And for over 10 years Jackie served as one of only 2 outside members of Southwest Airline’s world famous Culture Committee. Three of her many passions are helping leaders do culture, engagement and leadership for the right reasons.

The scarcest resource in organizations right now is not money, talent, ideas or power, it’s people who DO, people who add value, people who get things done and dare to try… It’s people who lead and inspire leadership in others.

The problem… the average company is, well… just average!  Sadly even with engagement being the buzz in so many organizations, engagement scores in this country are not headed in the right direction, they remain flat. We still have an epidemic, too many Dead People Working.

But the truth is, everyone wants to add value and Jackie will show you what it takes to create a work environment, where people are enabled and empowered, a culture where everyone comes to work engaged and willing to bring their innovative ideas to life to create a branded experience inside and out.

The “SheEconomy” An Untapped $22 Trillion Trend You Need to Know About!

If you market to her, sell to her, hire her, work with her, live with her and/or love her this keynote will change you.

Dr. Jackie Freiberg calls all business leaders to discover what is at the intersection of some very powerful “NEED to KNOW” global trends.  In this priceless keynote Jackie unveils an economy that is under-represented, misunderstood and often times ignored! Businesses are leaving millions of dollars and very loyal customer all on the table because they do not take her seriously and they do not fully understand what SHE wants. The businesses that continue to ignore, misrepresent or misunderstand her are at great risk.  She is a force to know, understand and represent wisely. If mined correctly these global trends complimented by her purchasing power provide a rich, loyal and extremely profitable consumer demographic to know and serve.

Take Aways:

  • Global trends worth trillions, revealed and exposed
  • How to look beyond the trends to find the untapped opportunity
  • How to lead, notice and disrupt your own industry innovations
  • Examples of the successful businesses that have disrupted the market place by tapping into the trends and created a loyal faithful brand following out of the growing and spend conscious SheEconomy.

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