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World-wide Best-selling Author, Speaker and Advisor

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Concrete Examples • Entertaining Stories • Incredible Energy. These are a few reasons why clients in every part of the world invite Kevin Freiberg to be their featured speaker. Dr. Freiberg is on a short list of global thought leaders that Fortune 1000 CEOs turn to for the kind of disruptive thinking that drives growth and gets people excited about the future.

Regardless of how many speakers you’ve hired, you’ll be hard pressed to find a speaker who does as much customizing as Dr. Kevin Freiberg. If you want a keynote that truly speaks the language of your business and addresses the nuances of your industry, Kevin is the speaker to book. Over 2000 companies in 60 industries across the globe have given Kevin rave reviews. His insights have helped ambitious leaders accelerate innovation, and STAND OUT in a sea of sameness by building companies that are hungry for change.

Why Kevin Freiberg?

Concrete Examples • Entertaining Stories • Incredible Energy. Are a few reasons why clients in every part of the world invite Kevin Freiberg to be their featured speaker.

His books include: the international bestseller, NUTS! Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success, its sequel GUTS!, BOOM! (7-timeless choices for inspiring leadership and accountability), NANOVATION (a how-to on innovation), DO SOMETHING NOW and Be a PERSON OF IMPACT, (two quick reads that will change your organization and your life), CAUSE! A Business Strategy for Standing Out In A Sea of Sameness, and most recently, BOCHY BALL!, a book about building team chemistry with Bruce Bochy, manager of the 3-time World Champion San Francisco Giants.

Kevin‘s clients span a wide range of industries and include:

  • Infosys India • Simplot • KPMG • Humana • Kuwait Gulf Link • Kaiser Permanente • ConocoPhillips • QVC •FedEx • Rackspace • Heidelberg • National Business Aviation Association • National Fire Sprinkler Association • Vail Resorts • AARP • MGM Resorts • Microsoft • University of San Diego • CUNA • L’Oréal • Credit Union Association • Kraft • Bank of America • Honeywell • National Life Group • Premier Financial Alliance • American Express • Unisys • AT&T • Beef USA • Sony • Tire Pros • Powder River Energy Corporation • Elanco • Eli Lilly • Tata Motors, India • Autobacs Japan • Maruti Suzuki India • Cubic Corporation • Bayer Crop Science • Wilbur-Ellis • AGCO • Moss Adams • Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers • KOA Campgrounds • Tandus Flooring • Mohawk Carpets • Satyam India • Wells Fargo • ConAga Foods • Remax • Intel

Other Credentials:

Named one of the “Top 30 Best Minds on Leadership” by Leadership Excellence Magazine, Dr. Freiberg has appeared on CNBC, CBS Sunday Morning and the CBS Morning News for his views on the critical links between leadership, corporate culture, change, and innovation. Dr. Freiberg is also a Leadership Contributor for

He has also appeared on the television series Lessons in Excellence for CNBC India. His articles and interviews have been published in the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Washington Post, Investor’s Business Daily, India’s Economic Times, India’s Business Standard, India’s Financial Times and Capital Business & Finance Magazine of Dubai.

Something Personal…

My interests include sprinting to keep up with my work-out-aholic wife, doing anything adventurous with our three incredible children, compelling conversations with friends over good wine, and a periodic mental lapse into skydiving.

I grew up as a competitive snow skier and water skier. I’ve never won a World Cup, but in both sports I’ve skied with the best in the world. These gifted athletes taught me how to step through fear and adapt to ever-changing competitors, conditions, technologies and geographies. I have learned that if you take enough risks, eventually you will crash. But you only grow by getting out of the comfort zone. It’s also how you strengthen resilience and develop the ability to bounce back. Most of all, I learned that success is never final. I’m still chasing the best in the world, still learning and still getting better.

Testimonials 12

  • “Kevin was excellent. The best keynote I’ve ever had at a meeting. He was charming, professional, memorable and a great speaker with real ideas useful to attendees. What really stood out is that unlike many speakers, he customized his talk to the parking industry in a deep and meaningful way, in which he actually brought thought-provoking ideas to the industry. We were hoping for a base hit with Dr. Freiberg and he was a home run. He really brought this best to us and we are very grateful.  Dr. Freiberg helped redefine what attendees can expect from our event. He will be a tough act to follow next year. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

    Christine Banning

    President, National Parking Association

  • “I have to tell you…your presentation really made a positive impact to our practice, so much that we have put a task force around “Innovation” as our folks were really thirsty for this type of action and thought process within our group.”

    Dennis Prestia

    Sr. Partner, KPMG

  • When we got to that first summit, I’ll never forget – I got chills…because I thought to myself, he really listened and he’s really tying his message directly into the message that we have been sharing for years now. It’s as if he became someone inside the company, like a true insider…I find that level of customization is what people remember…If there’s something higher than a 10, I would give it.”

    John Battisti

    Humana Perfect Service Strategic Consultant/Summit Facilitator

  • “No surprise but Kevin was simply amazing. Everyone is still buzzing about it!”

    Jeanne Jewett

    Human Resources Director, Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers

  • “Kevin, you were certainly the highlight of our conference and your extraordinary familiarity with KOA put you in a very elite group of speakers. Not only are people discussing your content but they are also talking about the way you could quote KOA data with no reference to your notes. Thank you so much for taking the time to be sure your message was a lasting one.”

    Jim Rogers

    Chairman & CEO KOA Campgrounds

  • “Kevin really listened to all our executives input and tailored his content so the message was right on target, you hit a bullseye! Our entire audience was entranced, your presentation could not have been better.”

    Assistant Medical Grp Administrator


  • “Kevin’s presentation was not only motivating and comprehensible, it was directly related to CIBC and the financial industry. The members of the audience left the workshop with a whole new inspiration to make changes in their work lives.”

    Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

  • “Kevin nailed every subject we asked him to and customized them to our industry and franchise owners. This can be a jaded group but it was obvious they were very enthusiastic by the standing ovation they gave Kevin…”

    Association of KFC Franchisees

  • “Kevin, your ability to incorporate Banfield information into your presentation was exceptional. You sounded as if you were a Banfield Team Member!”

    “Your enthusiasm and ability to deliver a very strong message was greatly appreciated by everyone in the room. You touched on all of the issues that I felt should be addressed and I am confident that everyone came away with a much better understanding of the opportunities and gutsy leadership that is necessary in today’s business world.”

    Banfield, The Pet Hospital

    Kregg Hanson, President and COO

  • “Kevin was sensational. He took key elements given in the presentations prior to his, regarding our industry’s challenges, and was able weave them into his own message. I watched the room closely during his presentation and saw every face engaged. He spoke from the heart to the heart of our most important customers and our own corporate leadership. I would highly recommend him for hotel/lodging industry engagements.”

    Melinda Zanecki

    VP, Owner Relations , Interstate Hotels & Resorts

  • “It’s often a difficult task to have such a diverse group of global thinkers agree on something, but, Kevin, you achieved the impossible! I compliment you on the extensive preparation and outstanding job that you did despite having an outsider’s view to this industry.


  • Kevin’s message was extremely relevant and he even used our words—people were amazed how he could talk directly to us vs. the usual canned talks.

    Conoco Phillips

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Innovate or Perish!

What if someone in your space came up with a product or service that radically outperformed yours and cost half as much? Someone is going to start a revolution that amazes your customers and disrupts your industry. And, they will define the rules by which everyone else must play the game.

Why can’t it be you?

Find out what happens in a culture where people aren’t afraid to question the unquestionable, leaders encourage risk by rewarding intelligent failure, unlikely partnerships lead to ingenuity you couldn’t achieve on your own, and designers look beyond customer imagination for what’s next.

Through real-life examples and powerful case studies, Kevin Freiberg will show your audience how the most innovative companies in the world continually load their pipelines with great ideas. He will demonstrate how limitations can be springboards to creativity and more elegant solutions.

What if you could create a culture of “constructive discontent” where everyone believes that innovation is his or her job and no one is satisfied with the status quo?

This presentation has received accolades from business leaders in companies all over the world—primarily because Dr. Freiberg demystifies innovation, clearly illustrates what innovators do that others don’t do and offers a roadmap for growth in an uncertain world.

Hungry for Change

In the future there will be two types of organizations: the quick and the dead—those that are unforgettable and those that reside in a sea of sameness, those struggling with commoditization and those that transcend price wars by competing on relationship, innovation and radical differentiation.

If you want to be built to last you must be hungry for change.

In this presentation Kevin will show you what happens in companies that are passionate about growth. He will also show you what happened to a few that got stuck in the ‘incumbent’s mentality” and failed to change because they thought they had too much to lose.

The rules of your industry are being rewritten. New business models are disrupting the old ones. Technology waits for no one and everyone and everything around you is constantly getting better.

Will the changes you make be opportunity-led or crisis-driven?

The business leaders and companies highlighted in this talk refuse to be held hostage by history. They are willing to LET GO of past innovations and unwilling to lean on yesterday’s headlines. Why? Because they know that they are never more vulnerable to complacency, arrogance, indifference and inflexibility than when they are riding the wave of success.

These organizations are far more interested in NEXT practices than BEST practices because they know that in emulating someone else’s best practices, the best they will ever be is a good #2.

What if you could create an organization like that?

Your audience will walk away with 5-6 strategies for building a YES-FAST culture where egos are checked at the door, great ideas are taken from anyone, anywhere, anytime, where people move with a sense of urgency and say “yes” to new relationships, new business.

Leadership: Will Work For A Cause!

What inspires impassioned employees to come to work fully awake, fully engaged, firing on all cylinders? What causes people to keep going when the critics fire arrows at new ideas and the demons of self-doubt set in?

What compels people to change?

Kevin will answer these questions by taking you into some of the most successful companies in the world and showing you how they raise the level of energy and engagement—even in the most mundane and routine jobs—by defining the business as a noble, heroic cause.

Start a movement!

Movements breed commitment; not compliance. People opt-in to movements. They don’t need to be motivated or micro-managed; they motivate themselves and set their own rigorous targets. They don’t need to be cajoled into collaboration; they willingly reach across boundaries because their passion for the cause is bigger than their need to control information or their fear of change.

Are your people just doing a job, or do they bring the maniacal focus and missionary zeal of a crusader to the game?

Dr. Freiberg will show you how to give your team a direct line-of-sight to a larger cause that releases a powerful flow of PASSION, PRIDE, PERSEVERANCE, AND PRODUCTIVITY.


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