Keynote Speaker Jenny Evans, B.S., C.P.T., C.F.T.

Jenny Evans, B.S., C.P.T., C.F.T.

Speaker, Author, and Lifestyle Coach

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    California, USA

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About Speaker Jenny Evans…

Jenny Evans is a speaker, author, and on-air expert on physiology and chemistry, as it relates to resiliency, confidence and performance. She is highly experienced, having worked with thousands of C-suite executives, leaders, and employees — from corporations, associations, and universities across the globe.

Her dynamic presentations and training sessions both educate and inspire audiences by linking the stressful challenges of everyday life to the body’s own chemistry and physiology. Jenny brings to life the art of optimizing your own chemistry to boost your performance and productivity, all while enhancing your health and energy.

Jenny’s events are active, engaging, high-energy, and life-changing – leaving audiences inspired, informed and on their way to leading a more productive life in increasingly demanding business environments.

Her award-winning book – The Resiliency rEvolution — has been hailed as a “smart, clever read and super-practical guide to leading a more full and resilient life.” She is also the creator of Hit the Deck – the ultimate tool for combating stress and increasing productivity and fitness.

Jenny has spoken on the TEDx stage, is the resiliency subject matter expert for Optum and The Big Know’s digital courses, writes as a blogger for The Huffington Post and was NBC KARE 11’s Health & Fitness expert for over four years. She has been quoted on National Public Radio, in Health Magazine and Women’s Health, while being showcased on, and

Jenny has a bachelor of science degree in kinesiology with an emphasis in psychology from the University of Minnesota and has been an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for over twenty years.

Testimonials 7

  • “In the past year, AT&T University has been recognized multiple times by national publications for our excellence in Executive Development. Jenny Evans played no small role in this success. Incorporating Jenny into our flagship program raised our game in a way we couldn’t have anticipated. There are so many things out of our control in our environment right now, and her message was just what our leaders needed. Over the course of six months, Jenny stood in front of more than 3,500 executives at AT&T for four hours at a time. Her obvious passion around the material and her genuine concern for the participants in the room created a tidal wave of action at this great company. This response was consistent from coast to coast in the United States and didn’t skip a beat when we took the program to London and Hong Kong. We could not be more proud to call Jenny Evans our friend and our trusted partner. She has changed our culture for the better and we are forever grateful.”

    Alyson Woodard

    Director of Executive Development, AT&T University

  • “Jenny was outstanding! Everyone loved her message as well as her presentation style. Once people saw the agenda, there were lots of moans and concerns over a three hour speaker as we usually limit speakers to one hour. Jenny held 230 attendees’ attention the entire time. She was a perfect blend of being passionate, intense, funny and crystal clear with delivery. I can’t tell you how many people came up to all of us thanking us for the “gift” to them personally that Jenny’s presentation represented. People used words like “life changing”, “powerful”, “perfect timing”, “just what I needed” and “she’s a rock star”. Honestly, we all think she’s the best speaker we’ve ever had at our annual meeting!”

    Niki Leondakis

    President & COO, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurant Group

  • “I want to thank you again for giving us such an amazing presentation last week. People are still raving about what a life changer it has been for them, how it came at just the right moment, and how they have taken the lessons learned home with them to share with loved ones and colleagues. I have run conferences for 20+ years and your session was the best I’ve ever seen. The survey results so far are rating this year’s conference as the best yet, with a 96% score in the Excellent to Very Good range – the best we’ve ever had; and it’s mainly because of you and your message.”

    Catherine Viglas

    President, Canadian Institute of Traffic & Transportation

  • “Jenny was AMAZING. Seriously, I’m a tough grader and Jenny couldn’t have been better. I now have a new bar for what “no dip in energy” looks like over the course of a 5-hour keynote! So impressed. I can’t tell you how many people approached me after the session inspired by what they heard and saw. Thanks so much!”

    Andy Erlandson

    General Manager, Microsoft

  • “Yesterday was outstanding, to the point of flawless. I already told you how impressive it was that you were able to run the day without ever looking behind you to see which slide was up and that you barely consulted your notes. But the thing I didn’t add is that you also made the entire thing feel spontaneous. Your humor, your authenticity, your deep knowledge of the material and your warmth combined made it an incredible day for our folks, who absolutely loved you. I am sure the evaluations will show that to be true. Thanks for giving us your best, and for successfully bringing extraordinary energy and performance to our team. And thank you for your offer to support me as I bring the material to our store teams.”

    Jon Anastasio

    Vice President, Learning & Development, Nordstrom, Inc.

  • “I selected Jenny Evans to work with the entire Clinique North American Sales and Education executives. Though we were fortunate to work with a number of outstanding outside consultants, Jenny was one of the special few who made a lasting impression and directly contributed to the health and productivity of our team. As someone who specializes in adult education methods and talent development, I was impressed not only with Jenny’s level of expertise in physiology, nutrition and exercise, but also with her ability to deliver a compelling message in an always engaging, respectful and positive manner. Jenny’s strategies for good health and fitness work. Best of all, based on Jenny’s contribution, many executives reported positive long-term benefits after working with Jenny: healthy and lasting weight loss, decreased levels of stress and higher levels of energy. Jenny convinced our executives, many of whom traveled a large portion of the week, that they could successfully handle the challenges of eating healthfully and exercising on the road. Jenny is a powerful role model who “walks the walk” as she balances a challenging career and the demands of home, family and community. She truly was an inspiration to our field both during the time we worked with her and long after. Based on my experiences, I would not hesitate to recommend Jenny to any organization that wants to boost the health, fitness and performance of every individual on their team.”

    Heidi Guest

    Vice President Education, North America, Clinique

  • “PowerHouse! That’s the best description of Jenny Evans and her message. As a powerhouse, Jenny delivers a keynote that is intelligent, inspiring and vital while wrapped in humor and high energy. When Jenny spoke to our international group of educators, she captivated the entire audience with her unique perspective on health and wellness. In today’s fast-paced, stress-filled and economically challenging times, Jenny’s message is crucial to helping individuals discover how truly simple balance can be to obtain. To date, members of our team have integrated Jenny’s information in their lives and implement the knowledge and tools they gained by spending time with this powerhouse.”

    Erik Arveseth

    Senior Manager, Education Aveda Corporation

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