John Waters

Electric Vehicle Pioneer, Energy Strategy Consultant, Engineer and Design Leader of GM's EV-1 Electric Car

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    Colorado, USA

  • John Waters`s Keynote Speaker Fee This reflects John Waters`s U.S. Speaking Fee

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    Colorado, USA

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About Keynote Speaker John Waters

John E. Waters’ Key Accomplishments Include…
Currently CEO and President of a company ready to transform the automotive industry with proven, scalable, and highly efficient transportation solutions, John E. Waters is an entrepreneurial and business development professional with over 25 years experience in enterprise development, strategic planning, and high-volume production of engineered products and solutions. John Waters is currently leading a “dream team” of advanced automotive experts in the research and development of lightweight, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs).

Previously, John Waters was Vice President and founder of the Transportation Practice at Rocky Mountain Institute, which provided advanced energy strategy consulting to Fortune 500 companies (e.g., Alcoa, Pacific Gas & Electric, Wal-Mart.).

Prior to RMI, John E. Waters was the Vice President of Business Development for EnerDel, Inc. – a lithium battery joint venture with Delphi Corporation. He led establishing the joint venture and was responsible for developing new markets, commercial sales, strategic markets, partnerships, and state and federal lobbying efforts. As Manager of Product Engineering at Delphi Corporation (2001–2004), John Waters initiated strategic customer partnerships and launched a new lithium battery business.

John Waters was responsible for the design, building, testing, and production of multiple lithium battery products for the Segway® Human Transporter and the iBOT® medical device. As Manager of Advanced Engineering (1997–2001), John Waters also led the design, analysis and advanced manufacturing of advanced energy storage system products for use in hybrid-electric automotive applications.

Prior to Delphi, John E. Waters worked for a division of General Motors where he led numerous projects, including the development and production of the battery pack system for GM’s first electric vehicle and subsequent electric vehicles (i.e., GM EV1, and the Electric S-10).

More About John Waters…
John Waters began his career at Texas Instruments, Inc., designing and implementing automated (robotic) manufacturing processes for the US Air Force and General Motors Engine Division.

John Waters has been awarded four U.S. patents, two international patents, holds two defensive papers in battery pack designs, and has received numerous industry awards. He is a graduate of the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering and a member of Pi Tau Sigma Mechanical Engineering Honorary Society.


“When Texas Instruments was planning our new $3 billion wafer fabrication facility, we teamed up with RMI for a charrette. In just three days we sketched out a roadmap for a new facility that will use 20 percent less energy and 35 percent less water than our previous model. Best of all, it cost 30 percent less than our previous facility. Sustainable design makes great business sense. RMI showed us that there is a better way.”

Paul Westbrook

Sustainable Development Manager, Texas Instruments


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