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Roberto Carlos

Innovator and Creator of Factor WOW

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About Speaker Roberto Carlos…

Roberto Carlos (RöC) is the creator of Factor WOW, the innovative methodology that is revolutionizing the way organizations in Latin America do business by helping them create extraordinary customer experiences. He is the founder and CEO of Factor WOW Consulting, a top-notch innovation firm based in Mexico and Paraguay.

Twice named to the E-100 – the most promising 100 entrepreneurs in Mexico – RöC has delivered hundreds of keynotes and workshops in his home country as well as the USA, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Colombia, Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. He is a leading speaker and consultant on innovation, marketing, branding, leadership, creativity, and customer service. His satisfied clients include world class companies like Nissan México, Cemex, Bioderma, Gruma, Banorte, Afirme, CFE, Sigma Alimentos, Coca-Cola, and many more.

As a speaker, RöC motivates and inspires audiences while equipping them with solid content and practical, actionable takeaways. Every presentation is entertaining, meaningful, and memorable. While his keynotes are delivered in Spanish 95% of the time, RöC is fully proficient in English and possesses valuable insights on engaging the growing market of Latino consumers.

Since 2001, RöC has been the owner of the award-winning idea factory, Kakumen (taken from an old Mexican regionalism, cacumen meaning “ingenuity, insight, and intellect.”) Kakumen specializes in branding strategies, graphic design, advertising, illustration, and VR360 photography.

RöC is the author of ten books, most notably 75 WOW – Seventy five awesome things that happen to your business with Factor WOW and 40 Upsides of Being Bald. The light-hearted illustrations throughout his books are an indication of his past career as a comic strip artist. His 2010 book Factor Wow is used widely in businesses, governmental agencies, and universities throughout Latin America.

Testimonials 3

  • “Thank you very much for your outstanding participation. If you had been a bull in a bullfight instead of a keynote speaker, the audience would have granted you a pardon due to your spectacular performance. It was a pleasure to meet you and in the future I hope to have the privilege of having your distinguished presence once more.”

    Minister Eduardo Meléndez Salgado

    Director - DCEA IEST Tampico

  • “I had the pleasure of attending your keynote at IEST. I loved it!”

    Judith Vallejo

  • “I left with tons of information and an enormous restless urge to innovate. What a great keynote! I hope I can attend another one of your programs soon!”

    Melissa Betancourt

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Wowing Your Customers

    • The world is changing fast and companies that aren’t truly focused on the client can easily become forgotten and obsolete. What is it that great companies do to pleasantly surprise us? This interactive keynote presents strategies to generate extraordinary customer experiences that they will never forget.

Key Topics Covered:

      • How to identify your client’s“pain points.”
      • What world class innovators have done to revolutionize customer service in the world.
      • Why price is never the deciding factor in a purchase.
      • How to attract, amaze, and retain clients.
      • The ABCs of shifting focus in your company.

You will come away with an exciting vision that helps you think of your clients 100% of the time, resulting in customer that are “in love” with your companies as well as employees who are happy knowing that they are changing lives.


4LEADER: Leading with Your Strengths

4LEADER is based on self-awareness – your ability to describe your biggest strengths of your natural character and use those strengths to develop an unprecedented ability to lead.

Everyone, absolutely every collaborator in your company, can be a leader. Nevertheless, the majority of leadership programs look to change people to “converter them into leaders” rather than focusing on their own characteristics and abilities. RöC’s focus is different.

Key Topics Covered:

        • 4LEADER helps you understand people’s behavior from the perspective of human nature.
        • How human behavior can be constructed within the four basic elements of personality: Action, Knowledge, Humanity, and Passion.
        • Training that will enable you to understand your own nature and the nature of your team. You will be able to understand why people do what they do and how behavioral differences are key to building outstanding teams.
        • You will better understand people, how to motive and influence them, and be a better leader that they admire and follow, regardless of formal hierarchy or its absence.

    4LEADER will awaken your natural inner leader without forcing you to be a different person. You only have to understand how human nature works and acts on your strengths.

4LEADER is a tried and tested tool to raise your self-awareness and influence others. It is especially useful for:

    • Developing leadership abilities from your own being.
    • Increasing sales.
    • Boosting your negotiation power.
    • Identifying what motivates others.
    • Fostering empathy and your ability to “put yourself in someone else’s shoes.”
    • Developing teams that are more united and able to identify with one another.

Innovate or Die

The acceleration of technological change is forcing businesses to revise its innovation models. How much innovation is enough? How do I know if I’m creating evolutionary or disruptive innovation? Who is innovating well and how can I make that happen in my company? Do we really live in a world where we must innovate or die?

Key Topics Covered:

      • You’ll find out where ideas come from…and how you can get more great ideas!
      • Get to know a practical method for filtering and selecting the best ideas.
      • How bright ideas, creativity, and innovation differ.
      • New business models that are changing the world through innovation.
      • How to foster teams that are more creative and innovative.

You need more than just good ideas and intentions to innovate. Successful innovation requires a methodology and the creation of a culture that encourages experimentation. This keynote provides a giant dose of motivation and a toolbox of innovation that you can use systematically.


Networks of Collaboration

This interactive keynote ensures that participants in the chain of value understand the advantages of having a solid network of internal and external collaboration. It is packed with practical exercises allowing participants to put theory into action.

Key Topics Covered:

      • What is a collaborative network?
      • How can I develop my own collaborative network?
      • What is the value of collaborative networking?
      • Internal and external collaborative networks.
      • The 10 most important facts you need to know about collaboration networks.
      • The four basic styles of collaboration.

You will learn about the value of having a solid network of collaboration and you will get the tools to capitalize on your relationships in order to be more efficient, proactive, and happy.


Turning Clients into Fans

Why do my clients leave me? How is it that some companies have “fans” who literally get tattoos of the company’s logo?

This fun and interactive keynote reveals the necessary magnetic principles for attracting fanatic clients. You will hear impactful stories of companies that have turned their worse defects to their advantage and have attracted hoards of enthusiasts. You will leave inspired and eager to implement“WOW Methods”and turn your business into an innovation powerhouse.

Key Topics Covered:

      • Factor WOW Methodology, how to generate and validate extraordinary ideas. –
      • Find out how to tell the difference between “ordinary” and “extraordinary.”
      • The importance of setting goals.
      • The power of focusing on concrete projects.
      • Case studies of innovative companies: What they do and how they do it.
      • Understand the theory of “It’s not Worth It.”

Audiences will leave inspired and equipped to innovate and change their environment to a vibrant atmosphere that encourages them to look for the next “WOW” idea within their company.


Generations and Degenerations

This keynote is a visualization of the consumer trends and behaviors of the 4 generations that currently working together in the market: Silents, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millenials. Weaving an intelligent and fun narrative, RöC shows how the different styles of each generation affect the gaps between them, so that you and your group can identify behaviors and existing market opportunities in each generation.

Key Topics Covered:

      • The characteristics of different generations and how they interact.
      • Behaviors of each generation and how they connect to their buying preferences.
      • Generational interaction in the workplace.
      • Directive styles of leaders according to their generational influence.

You and your group will get to know the characteristics of your own generation in addition to the others, helping you to develop a full understanding of different behavior styles and consumption patterns. You will come away as a more effective leader with a sharpened ability to visualize market trends.



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