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Keynote Speaker Ross Smith

Ross Smith

Director of Test - Microsoft, Author, Thought-Leader, Innovator

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    Washington, USA

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Ross Smith’s Key Accomplishments Include . . .
Ross Smith has been in the software industry for over 20 years, developing and testing software on everything from mainframe systems to handheld devices and PC’s. He began his Microsoft career in Product Support in 1991 and has been a Test Lead, Test Manager, and Test Architect. Ross Smith has also been a long-time member of the Test Architect’s Group, and has worked on almost every version of Windows and Office since 1995.

Ross Smith is one of the authors of The Practical Guide to Defect Prevention and holds five software patents. Over the last several years, he has nurtured a management innovation initiative called 42projects, aspiring to inject cultural change and “bring buzz to the hallways.”

Ross Smith leads the Advisory Council for the Incubation Technical Community Network (TCN). His weekly iNews (Innovation News) and Management iNews – newsletters go out to 3500 Microsoft employees every week. In 2010, he co-authored two top Think Week papers.  Ross has also done dozens of conference talks on Enterprise Gamification, and most recently conducted a half-day interactive workshop on the subject which was well received.

Recently, Ross won an M-Prize from the McKinsey/Management Innovation Exchange (MiX), where he is a “Moonshot Guide” for Take the Work Out of Work.

More About Speaker, Ross Smith. . .
Ross Smith has been a guest-poster on Google’s Testing Blog. The London School of Business and the Management Innovation Lab published a case study of 42projects entitled, Game On: Theory Y meets Generation Y. His team’s work on productivity games was mentioned in The Economist, and in the recent book Changing the Game: How Video Games are Transforming the Future of Business.

Mr. Smith is experimenting with how gaming can improve productivity among next-generation workers, and the impact of games and social networking tools on management education and requisite skills for new managers.

Ross Smith has been interviewed by the Trusted AdvisorDr. Dobb’s, MSDN, and others, and has spoken recently at the STPCon, “Future of Work” conference, Google’s Test Automation Conference in Zurich, Corbis, MIT’s Innovation Lab, and more. Recently, he participated in the Great Gamification Debate at the Game Developer’s Conference.

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  • “Admiral did a perfect job! He was exactly what we were looking for – we are already thinking of other occasions to invite him back.”

    Community Healthcore

  • “The Admiral was wonderful! Our team is still talking about his inspirational presentation! What a neat guy – so approachable and easy to talk to.”

    Brookfield Bay Area Builders, Inc.

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Enterprise Gamification Workshop

Workshop Objective: Introduction to Enterprise Gamification, Designing playful and engaging business processes. This workshop will offer a hands-on approach to learn how to design games and apply gamification elements for the enterprise. The workshop will begin with an overview of successful deployments of game mechanics in business, with examples from IBM, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Applebees, Tesco, and others. Attendees with then be split into groups to brainstorm requirements, objectives, game design, play test, and present/pitch their findings to all workshop participants . Resources available will include an overview of game mechanics, game design principles, player and gamification personas, and engagement and play test techniques.
Duration: half day
Background and relevance of the topic
Gamification of business processes is a hot topic these days, with gamification often seen as a remedy for any business problem. The challenge, however, is that while game mechanics can show a temporary boost in engagement, a poorly designed game or incorrectly applied game mechanic will not sustain the engagement or effort needed.
Expected workshop outcomes
Attendees will complete the workshop with a better understanding of where games can (and cannot) be applied to business problems, and to what extent gamification can be used to engage users. In addition, the workshop will provide an introduction to:
• Overview of successful game deployments in business
• Popular gamification elements: leaderboards, badges, puzzle types, probability and chance, etc.
• Gamification elements vs game mechanics (game mechanics are actions taken in the game system – as per the game theory)
• Use of player and gamification personas and skills assessment as part of game design
• Importance of Playand and engagement testing
• How to spot where gamification can fail
• Games as an enterprise social tool


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