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Scott Klososky

Top Technology Speaker, Author, Consultant, and Founder of Future Point of View

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Scott Klososky, In Brief:

Scott Klososky is a top technology speaker, author, consultant, and founder of Future Point of View, a technology consulting firm. In addition, he is co-owner of TriCorps Cybersecurity, and developer of the innovative concept of HUMALOGY®, the blending of technology and humanity. He has authored several books including,The Velocity Manifesto: Harnessing Technology, Vision, and Culture to Future-Proof Your Organization. Currently Scott is developing Crowdscribed, a new publishing model for a range of publication types generated by crowdsourcing.

Scott Klososky’s Full Bio:

Throughout his career, Scott Klososky has been on the forefront of technology and industry. He is renowned globally for his ability to recognize and capitalize on future trends regarding the ways technology is shaping business and our world.

He is currently invested in guiding leaders through the digital transformation. Scott is the founder and principle of technology consulting firm Future Point of View. Scott regularly advises C-suite executives inside some of the nation’s most recognizable organizations.

Through Future Point of View, he works with organizations of different sizes and industries to assess and improve their digital maturity.

Scott has developed the innovative concept of HUMALOGY®, the blending of technology and humanity. Humalogy provides a framework on how leaders can best balance technology and human effort to make processes more efficient and effective.

As a speaker, Scott entertains while enlightening audiences around the world on a range of topics including cybersecurity, leadership, data intelligence, trendspotting, digital marketing, and injecting the right amount of technology into every process. He has developed a reputation for delivering presentations that leave attendees talking and thinking long after they have ended.

For much of his career, Scott has been devoted to helping organizations protect their digital assets and pilot what is becoming an increasingly critical area for the health and survival of all: cybersecurity. He is a co-owner of TriCorps Cybersecurity which provides a host of cybersecurity services including audits and assessments, vulnerability testing, forensics, remediation, and team member training.

He has spoken in front of the FBI’s Cyber Warfare Conference and the Federal Government for Financial Accountants. Scott is driven to ensure that all organizations can effectively protect themselves from cyberattack.

Additional Noteworthy Accomplishments

  • Scott’s journey to becoming a leading voice in the field of technology began fresh out of high school, where his job as a delivery boy was a springboard into the world of technology. He became division head of a computer sales division and then purchased it as his own company. It was eventually built into a twelve-store operation in three states.
  • Scott was a founder and CEO of webcasts.com, an early producer of webcasted media ranging from corporate and government communications to sporting events and entertainment. He sold webcasts.com in 1999 for $115 million.
  • His expertise in leadership and his creative approach to business direction inspired Critical Technologies to hire him as a turnaround CEO, where he completely rebuilt the underlying products and brought the company to profitability.
  • He was the founder and CEO of Paragraph, Inc., a Soviet/American joint venture founded in 1988, despite international tensions. Half of the company was sold to Silicon Graphics, and the other half is still expanding today (Parascript, Inc.).
  • Scott also collaborated with H.R. Haldeman to publish a diary of his years as an aide to President Nixon, which became a bestseller (Putnam Publishing), and involved Sony Interactive in the release of a book companion CD-ROM.

The author of four books, Scott’s most recent title Did God Create the Internet? The Impact of Technology on Humanity provides an in depth look at how technology is changing humanity and what this evolutionary impact will mean for our future.

Testimonials 5

  • “Scott’s presentations far exceeded our objectives–and our expectations were high! The audience absolutely loved his sessions, as evidenced by the more than 150 requests Scott has received for his “Developing Gen Y Members for Life: Technology Required” session with his two children. That session, in particular, was astounding and very eye opening for our customers. Austin and Kristin were very impressive on stage with him. I can’t imagine anything Scott could have done to improve on his sessions!”

    CUNA Mutual Group

  • “Scott generated a huge amount of buzz at our conference. His ‘update’ on the impact of internet technologies on business-as-usual had everyone either stunned, stoked, or scared to death! You could feel and see and hear the audience involvement due to the unique interactive presentation techniques he used. He had a crowd of people around him for 30 minutes after his speech was over. And I overheard dozens of people talking about what actions they were going to take because of having their eyes opened by Scott.”

    Service Management Group

  • “Scott was the highest rated speaker for our Executive Leadership Conference — with cutting-edge information that took our executives to a place they never imagined.  He totally engaged the audience, was meticulously prepared and presented thought-provoking ideas that challenged what we thought we knew. He is an exceptional speaker.”

    Debra Moss

    Vice President-Operations, International Franchise Association

  • “Scott Klososky presents a unique and interactive presentation that will be a catalyst for any audience to rethink their current business and personal use of technology and the internet. Scott connects with the audience, shares relevant and practical information, and is guaranteed to deliver a home run.”

    John Hurt

    Director of Education and Events, National Association of Dental Plans

  • “Your presentation was exceptionally received by our partners. Thank you for taking the time to prepare and personalize the presentation.”

    Raj Patel

    Partner, Technology Consulting & Solutions, Plante & Moran, PLLC

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