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Sarah Altman

Principal at Sales Ready Group

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Sarah Altman, Principal of Sales Ready Group, has been selling or leading sales and customer facing teams since 1992, as an inside and field rep, manager of global accounts, director of inside sales, and director of sales operations and enablement.  She got her sales ‘basic training’ selling for Oracle and EMC in New York City, and then further realized the complexities, challenges and needs of successful sales organizations while working for a bunch of early stage and medium sized companies.

She launched her own sales training and consulting practice in 2008 so she could take what I’ve spent my whole career doing—selling and leading—and combine it with her passion for coaching, training and ability to help companies and people get better at selling.

Altman’s sales training is different than all other other ones on the market due to her slightly off center approach. She too is turned off by the “traditional” sales persona and is motivated by smart, thoughtful, curious, authentic sellers who understand their market, offering, buyers and the power behind having a framework and an approach that draws the buyers in instead of alienating them.

More about Sarah Altman:

Ever since graduating from college with a double major in Economics and Political Science from Macalester College and grad school with an international MBA from Thunderbird, Altman has ended up in customer facing sales roles.

Her journey has included living in Germany, San Francisco, and New York City, and now with my husband in Portland Oregon.  She spends her free time practicing yoga, playing the piano, hiking, cooking, skiing and traveling to do more of the same in cool places.

Testimonials 4

  • Sarah and Sales Ready Group was a pleasure to work with. Her experience and guidance was invaluable and taught me many tools I continue to use with my companies today. Her assistance and support in coaching was thoughtful, refreshing and moved the dial for our company. I highly recommend her in any and all sales capacities but especially in coaching, consulting and sales trainings.

    Laura Mansfield

    CEO and Founder, Pagatim

  • Sales Ready Group has been an invaluable partner in helping to transform our sales force.  When I started working with Sarah, our team had huge talent, but no formal sales training.  Sarah’s system has been highly effective, and her style creates a great learning environment for training sessions.

    Western Shelter

    Director of Sales

  • Sarah Altman is astute and insightful expert in sales leadership and the processes and practices that create excellence. She is a skilled diagnostician and able to to quickly assess a sales organization, identify areas for improvement and create a practical and executable plan that can be sustained over time.  She understands the obstacles and challenges that can get in the way of rep success and develops coaching and training plans that enable reps to bring opportunities to closure more rapidly and confidently.

    Jill Hedrick

    VP of Sales, NWEA

  • Sarah provided everything and more that we could have hoped for in a sales training. She was professional, but also warm and engaging, and she was extremely thorough. She quickly put our sales staff at ease and made the training fun while providing invaluable information for our sales team to improve their performance. Even the most experienced (and jaded) sales rep remarked that they had really enjoyed the process and learned something new to help them excel.

    Mark Cockcroft

    Director of Marketing and Retail Sales, Nicky USA

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Interim Sales Leadership Consulting

Sometimes organizations experience changes and need a professional to step in and lead a sale team while they hire, reorganize or manage through the change.

Sales Organization Health Check

Don’t know where to start with training?  This assessment is focused on efficiently identifying the areas of high value focus for improvement based on reviewing goals, results, gaps, trends and individual and team competencies.

Sales Leadership Coaching

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Sales Rep Coaching and Mentoring

In the moment coach with real world opportunities, pipelines, RFP’s, at risk accounts, etc. this is learning in action.  It makes a difference.

Sales Process Development

Don’t have one that drives sales team behavior and consistency? Let’s figure it out together, build it, then train and coach one that fits your organization, capabilities and customers. Build a playbook for your team to have a shared approach.

CRM and Sales Process Alignment

Make sure your technology supports your strategy and that you have the data and metrics you need to drive success.


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