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Sarano Kelley

Motivational Speaker, Television Host and Life Coach

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    New York, USA

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Sarano Kelley ‘s Main Accomplishments Include . . .
Sarano Kelley is the author of the international best-selling self-improvement book The Game – Win Your Life in 90 Days, founder of the life-changing program that bears its name, and well-known host and star of the reality TV show Broke and Famous.

Sarano Kelley grew up in a gang-infested neighborhood in Brownsville, New York. He entered Vassar College at the age of 16 and by the time he was 23 years old, was earning $400K in commission as a stockbroker on Wall Street. When he was at the height of success as a stockbroker, Sarano Kelley had a life-changing experience — he lost some of his beloved family members in a fire. This tragedy caused him to begin a journey to discover how to produce results while achieving balance and purpose in life.

Sarano Kelley was co-head of training for the elite “high net worth” producers at Kidder Peabody, a top Wall Street firm. He then went on to become Vice President of Professional and Management Development for leading producers and the CEO of Paine Webber. As the corporate spokesman for Phoenix Investment Partners, a $50 billion financial institution, Sarano Kelley addressed 50,000 people annually. He travels extensively, both domestically and internationally, and is often invited to give keynote speeches for Fortune 500 companies.

Sarano Kelley delivers a potent combination of accountability, execution, and fun that allows a person to fully meet true challenges of their own making, produce fulfilling results, and ignite their full potential.
Sarano Kelley has trained more than 250,000 people as a Motivational Speaker, Television Host and Life Coach. He served as a media coach for leading corporate and government spokespersons who were being interviewed on CNN, 20/20, and 60 Minutes; and for President Clinton’s White House Fellows, a leadership group that included General Colin Powell.

Sarano Kelley is more than just a ‘shot in the arm’ for your organization. Sarano Kelley’s unique combination of ideas that make up The Game, as well as his powerful messages and vibrant delivery make these presentations an ideal way to rapidly coalesce the often disparate and varied attitudes that can develop in an organization over time. Particularly when new initiatives are being launched, or when challenging times have created a lack of alignment and focus reflected in the productivity of a workforce, Sarano Kelley helps people create immediate, innovative, and actionable steps that will have your organization turning adversity into advantage.

More About Sarano Kelley . . .
Sarano Kelley’s unique coaching method, and his extraordinary level of bottom-line results, has given him one of the top ratings for improved organizational performance on Wall Street. He holds the record for the largest single productivity increases on Wall Street utilizing his unique coaching approach. Sarano Kelley has been rated as the “number one speaker” at the Securities Industry Association for several years running by the Wharton School of Business. Sarano Kelley has appeared on many television shows including Good Morning America and his not-for-profit foundation applies the same principles to schools across the nation and in his own ABC TV primetime television special for children,The Game: Winning at Life.

Sarano Kelley is a leading coach and consultant to the financial services industry with a focus on increasing the profitability and productivity of firms and professionals in the industry. By assisting professionals in evolving their client bases to increase both long-and short-term financial success, Sarano Kelley positively impacts the loyalty of all relationships in the industry. This leads to reduced turnover, higher client retention, and increased profits for all the industry’s stakeholders.

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  • “Over the last four days I have spoken to dozens of our FA’s (financial advisors). The theme is the same, from FA’s with 30 years of experience to 30 days of experience: it was the best conference they have attended and the impact of your presentation was remarkable.”

    Jeff Durkee

    Director, Southern Division, Legg Mason

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