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Dismantling Empires Through Devolution

Last week, the world’s most globe-spanning empire until the mid-20th century let its fate be decided by 3.6 million voters in Scotland. While Great Britain…

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How to Create Better Ideas Faster

Have you ever tried to get your team to brainstorm a breakthrough idea for a product or service only to find the process mostly yields…

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PPV (Purchase Price Variance) is a Stupid Metric

Purchase Price Variance (PPV) is a procurement metric that’s designed to measure a procurement organization’s (or an individual procurement professional’s) effectiveness at meeting cost savings…

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The Healthiest Organizations Win

I loved basketball as a kid, wanting more than anything to play in the NBA one day. But I didn’t make it past high school,…

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Create a Better Workplace on 10 Cents a Day

In basketball, when you assist another player in making a basket, it’s called “dropping a dime.” Scott O’Neil, the new CEO of the 76ers of…

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