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“To Succeed, Develop your Identity”, says Stedman Graham

Bestselling author and educator Stedham Graham says nearly 6.5 billion people don’t know who they are. While many may associate Graham’s name with his life…

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The Afterburner’s Flawless Execution at UCSB

A-10 Fighter Pilot Patrick “Lips” Houlahan of the Afterburners spoke to the next generation of business leaders at the University of California, Santa Barbara in…

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5 Tips for Giving Fearless Feedback

Are you still using the old “praise sandwich” model of giving feedback? That is, sandwiching your criticism between two slices of praise. If so, it’s…

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Want A Memorable, Free Holiday Gift For Your Employees?

In a world full of cyber this-and-that, sometimes the most memorable gifts we receive are simple and heartfelt. Last week we met Andrea Procaccino, vice…

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Lead With Courage

As we celebrate Veteran’s Day this week, our thoughts at ConantLeadership turn naturally to the virtue of courage. We often think of courage in its…

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The Secret To Turning Around Any Team In Any Business

By Peter Guber, This summer the Golden State Warriors won the highest achievement in basketball – they became the 2015 NBA Champions.   However, in 2010,…

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5 Traits Of Creative Leaders (And How To Become One)

Written by Erik Wahl, Being a leader is difficult. That’s why most of us end up taking direction from others in our professional lives. But …

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Leadership Development Programs and Leadership Keynote Speakers

Every great business needs a great leader. Case in point: What would Apple have been without the courageous leadership of Steve Jobs? Or Xerox without…

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Dismantling Empires Through Devolution

Last week, the world’s most globe-spanning empire until the mid-20th century let its fate be decided by 3.6 million voters in Scotland. While Great Britain…

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Need To Get Creative? How To Create An Idea Space

Where you work is how you think. Your immediate surroundings determine your mindset, the way you generate ideas and solve problems. You can’t break institutional…

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The Benefits of Being Managed

It’s been more than sixteen years since I’ve had a boss. When we started The Table Group in 1997, for the first time in my…

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Why You Lead Determines How Well You Lead

One of the most telling questions you can ask someone in any kind of leadership role is what motivates them to be a better leader.…

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