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Lisa Gerlach Lisa Gerlach

Lisa Gerlach

Executive Agent & Consultant


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When Lisa’s not paragliding off mountains, dancing, or consulting someone on health, you may find her at Big Speak, Inc., her latest adventure.

An extensive background in sales and advertising, Lisa was not a stranger to fast pace environments and assisting companies in achieving great solutions.  Born and raised in the midwest, Lisa’s dedicated work ethic and sincere drive shine through in her daily encounters.  She lives her life with the consistent motto and famous Zig Ziglar quote “Help enough people in life get what they want; you’ll get what you want.”  She cares deeply for people, and receives great pleasure in making them happy!

A Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Lisa graduated with honors in the School of Business and Communications.  Directly after graduation and a summer spent abroad, she accepted a SAE position with a National Direct Mail Company.  After enjoying a lucrative career at Advo-System, Inc. for eight years, she was passionately pursued by an International Field Marketing Company based in Chicago.  The next five years she learned the metropolitan ways of Chicago (adopted the Sinatra song, “My Kind of Town…”) and traveled extensively throughout the U.S and Western Europe.  Advancing her career further, she gratefully moved to San Francisco at the height of the Tech boom in the late 90’s.  Living at the top of the famous Greenwich steps amongst the arboretum, 360 degree views and historic Coit Tower… she was convinced life couldn’t get much better.  Moving over to Marin County for a couple years, she found it actually can get better!  Thoroughly enjoying the West Coast and benefiting from all its opportunity and beauty… Lisa knew she was here to stay.

Her entrepreneurial ways kept at her, however, she left the corporate world for a short stint to start a bagel business!  Four locations and three years later… well you’ll just have to ask her!
Married her grade school sweetheart, (and next door neighbor at 10 years young!) who just happened to move to CA with his family when he was twelve… stayed in touch over the years and met up again at the Santa Monica pier 20+ years later… now share a beautiful son, named Michael… as they say… the rest is history!  Think she’ll settle in this time for awhile!

Lisa’s goal at Big Speak is to continue to transform lives.  Inspiring, motivating, and providing the world’s greatest speakers and consultants while exceeding expectations. Her revenue stream over the years as a National Sales Director came from various Fortune 1000 clients such as, Keebler, Coors, PepsiCo, MCI, L’Oreal, Whitehall-Robins, and House of Blues.  She looks forward to making an even larger impact at BigSpeak, Inc.

What People Are Saying About Lisa Gerlach

She is a magnet and very passionate woman. She has worked very close with us to make sure that we had exactly the quality that I was looking in our event. She is keen to present the options and match with the best candidates. 


I can’t thank you enough for securing Waldo for us, especially given the tight time frame.  You were terrific!  I really appreciate everything you’ve done for us, Lisa.

GCA Services

Thanks, Lisa for all you have done for us. You all provide excellent service.

St. Jude Medical Center

It’s been a pleasure to work with Lisa Gerlach and the team at BigSpeak. The speaker she chose could not have done a better job for us and the feedback from both our employees and guests has been outstanding. Thank you again for all your help getting everything put together for our event.


Lisa is one of those very special people in that she has an infectious upbeat, outgoing and gregarious attitude that she brings to the table when working with you for your event needs. I have had the good fortune to work with Lisa for a couple years now, and she delivers in identifying the right resource for our meeting and cares for the follow up required to make the event a success. I would encourage you to meet and work with Lisa if you have any needs for you corporate event

TDS Telecommunications

Stephen was a HUGE success, the audience was PUMPED by what he had to say, he is SO incredibly personable, riveting and the audience was enthralled. He stayed for lunch, talking and answering questions – he was perfect. You did a FABULOUS job helping me select him, walk through the process and keep me from losing him when things stalled in the process. I’m so pleased we worked together and hope that we will do it again


I have been incredibly impressed with the professionalism and organizational processes of BigSpeak. I have been primarily working with Lisa Gerlach to review a large list of speakers all the way through to making our selection and finalizing our contract.  I look forward to working with BigSpeak again.

GE Corporate

Lisa Gerlach has been absolutely amazing at trying to help us lock in a speaker.  I hope for her sake, not all of her clients are this hard to wrangle. However, it would make me feel better to know that this was the norm!


Big Speak has been very instrumental in helping with our event and Lisa Gerlach has been great every step of the way. She is a go-getter, wish I had more people on my team like her. She has been outstanding and a pleasure to work with!

Muzak Corporation

A huge THANK YOU to Lisa – you are amazing at what you do and have made this process so very fun and exciting!  You are the best!



You are amazing at your job! 🙂

Ohio Wesleyan University

You are an absolute pleasure to work with. Super energy! Thanks for helping out with nailing down a speaker at such short notice.

I will be knocking at your door again when we have our next speaker event.


Thank you, Lisa! You are awesome to work with Lisa and I appreciate all your hard work and kinds words.

Vida Thomas, Senior Account Executive, Dunk Fire and Security

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