Top Health and Wellness Speakers

As entrepreneurs and leaders know, employees’ health and wellness is key to productivity and the success of their business. Employees who suffer from burnout have lower engagement and are more likely to leave, while sick employees can reduce overall productivity. On a national scale, healthcare implementation is constantly changing for small and large businesses alike. Some organizations like Amazon and Apple are trying to find their own solutions.

Whatever your health and wellness concern, BigSpeak has keynote speakers who are experts in your issues. Check out some of BigSpeak’s top health and wellness keynote speakers who can inform you about the future of healthcare, preventing worker burnout, or even improving your own well-being.

Shawn Achor

If you’re looking to be happy, Shawn Achor is a top keynote speaker on happiness, founder of GoodThink Inc., and the New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage and Before Happiness. His happiness research has been featured in many media outlets, including Oprah Winfrey, the Harvard Business Review, and in one of the most popular TED talks.

Peter Attia, M.D.

If you’re looking for nutrition answers, Dr. Peter Attia is a health speaker, researcher, nutrition and longevity expert, and the founder of Attia Medical, PC, a medical practice focusing on the applied science of longevity and optimal performance. His practice applies nutrition science, lipidology, four-system endocrinology, sleep physiology, stress management, and exercise physiology to minimize the risk of chronic disease onset, while simultaneously improving healthspan.

Robert Waldinger

Robert Waldinger is a life balance and happiness keynote speaker, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and current director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development. At Harvard, Robert oversees one of the longest-running studies of adult life, which has tracked the lives of two groups of men for over 75 years. His research has inspired his famous TED talk: “What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness.”

Aaron Carroll, M.D.

If you’re looking for information on healthcare laws, Aaron E. Carroll is a healthcare speaker, Professor of Pediatrics, Associate Dean for Research Mentoring, and the Director of the Center for Health Policy and Professionalism Research at the Indiana University School of Medicine. His research focuses on health care financing reform; the study of information technology to improve pediatric care; and areas of health policy including physician malpractice and the pharmaceutical industry/physician relationship.

Jenny Evans

If you’re looking to reduce stress and increase performance, Ms. Evans is a wellness speaker, author, and on-air expert on resiliency, stress, performance, exercise physiology, nutrition and health. She is the founder and CEO of PowerHouse Performance and author of the best-selling book The Resiliency Evolution: Your Stress Solution for Life60 Seconds at a Time. Her dynamic presentations inspire and educate audiences to increase their capacity for stress and to recover from it more quickly and effectively. Clients improve their performance and productivity, all while enhancing their health.

Angela Gaffney

If you’re looking to improve your health, Angela Gaffney is a health and wellness keynote speaker. Gaffney helps others ignite change through her speaking, writing, and coaching. After surviving her own personal health crisis—that nearly took her life, Gaffney devoted intense time, education and energy into regaining her own health and becoming a Certified Health Coach.

Libby Gill

If you’re looking for some hope, Libby Gill is a top keynote speaker on hope, executive coach, and CEO of the executive coaching and consulting firm Libby Gill & Company. Her book You Unstuck: Mastering the New Rules of Risk-taking in Work and Life won an Independent Publisher Book Award in the category of self-help. Gill uses her research on the science of hope to teach leaders how to inspire employees.

Bob Goff

If you’re looking for inspiration, Bob Goff is an inspirational keynote speaker and the New York Times Bestselling Author of Love Does. Goff is a sought-after speaker for leadership, church, and university events, where he inspires current and future influencers to get to the “do” part of life. Choosing to live audaciously, Bob connects to audiences in a powerfully inspirational, yet down-to-earth manner.

Daniel Kraft, M.D.

Daniel Kraft is a health and wellness keynote speaker, Stanford and Harvard trained physician-scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, and innovator. With over 25 years of experience in clinical practice, biomedical research and healthcare innovation, Kraft can speak to the future of healthcare and its impact on your business.

Joan Lunden

If you’re looking for a trusted voice, Joan Lunden is a health and wellness keynote speaker and author and has been host of Good Morning America for nearly two decades. With her keen interest in family, health, and wellness, Lunden has continued to be a reassuring and informative presence in American homes for more than 30 years. Her books include Growing Up Healthy: Protecting Your Child From Diseases Now Through Adulthood and  Joan Lunden’s Healthy Cooking. She speaks regularly around the country about health and wellness, parenting, success and balance in life, and more.

Tessa Morgan

If you’re suffering from stress and burnout, Tessa Todd Morgan is a health and wellness speaker, mindfulness expert, certified yoga instructor, personal growth coach and accredited trainer in Emotional Intelligence. As the Founder of TRIESSENCE, Tessa has coached hundreds of individuals and organizations to achieve a balance of physical, mental and spiritual wellness. In her programs, Tessa leads people to recognize the invisible barriers that exist between them and their goals, and helps them to develop strategies for achieving those goals by recognizing and neutralizing various forms of stress.

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