The spark. The “aha!” moment. The sudden burst of insight that enables us to see things clearly, yet differently. Creativity is often defined as the ability to transcend traditional rules, patterns or relationships, and bring forth meaningful new ideas, methods or interpretations. In business, creativity is the talent to generate new ideas, make new connections and solve problems. Even those who are not in explicitly creative fields must come up with new ideas and insights in order to progress. Where does this creativity come from? To many, creativity is a mysterious specter an elusive entity that appears suddenly without warning, rhyme or reason and disappears just as quickly, but to BigSpeak’s Creativity Speakers and experts, it’s an innate, idle fuse present within us all, waiting to be lit. How can you ignite that spark in your organization and even nurture your own? Let BigSpeak’s Innovation and Creativity Speakers help you connect with your muse, shake up your thinking patterns, change perspective, disrupt presumptions, accelerate innovation, enhance collaboration and maximize the creative potential in your entire workforce.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” — Albert Einstein

See a list of Top Booked Creativity and Storytelling for Business Keynote Speakers.

Robyn Benincasa – Virtual Keynote Speaker

Top Virtual Keynote Speaker, Leadership and Teamwork Motivational Speaker, Full-time Firefighter, Adventure Racing World Champion, CNN Hero

Matthew Luhn – Virtual Keynote Speaker

Top Creativity Virtual Keynote Speaker, Former Lead Storyteller and Animator at Pixar Studios

Molly Bloom – Virtual Keynote Speaker

Inspirational Virtual Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Bestselling Author of Molly’s Game (which was adapted for Oscar nominated film)

Steve Wozniak – Virtual Keynote Speaker

Top Technology Virtual Speaker, Innovation Expert, Cult Icon, Co-Founder of Apple Computer, and Bestselling Author

Jeff DeGraff – Virtual Keynote Speaker

Top Innovation Virtual Speaker, Business Professor, Author, and “Dean of Innovation”

Natalie Nixon – Virtual Keynote Speaker

Strategy, Foresight and Innovation Expert; President and Founder of Figure 8 Thinking, Author, and Creativity Guru

Srinivas Rao – Virtual Keynote Speaker

Branding and Creativity Virtual Speaker, Chief Creative Instigator/Founder of Unmistakable Media

Marcus Collins – Virtual Keynote Speaker

D&I Thought Leader, Cultural Contagion Expert, Award-winning Advertiser & Brand Strategist, Former Head of Digital Strategy for Beyoncé, 2020 AAF Advertising Hall of Fame Inductee

Robyn Benincasa

Top Leadership and Teamwork Motivational Speaker, Full-time Firefighter, Adventure Racing World Champion, CNN Hero, and Bestselling Author

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