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BigSpeak Speakers Bureau has Economists who are a highly venerated and distinguished group of speakers. From Nobel Prize winners to top presidential advisors, the accuracy and vision of these Global Economists have been lauded by such stalwart business publications as Fortune magazine and The Wall Street Journal. Our Economics Keynote Speakers deliver riveting inspirational keynotes that are inspiring and informative, have the ear of board chairmen and beltway policymakers alike, and will provide your organization with a wealth of expertise on topics ranging from Globalization and Economic Policy to Fiscal Strategy and the Emerging Markets in China, India and across the globe. BigSpeak’s Economics Speakers and experts also possess the real-world, in-the-trenches business acumen necessary to help you navigate today’s turbulent markets.

“Capital can do nothing without brains to direct it.”
J. Ogden Armour

Carla Harris

Vice Chairman, Global Wealth Management, Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley

John Manzella

Global Economics Speaker, Author, Former President and CEO of World Trade Center BN

Xavier Sala-i-Martin

Professor of Economics at Columbia University and Chief Economic Advisor to the WEF. Leading expert on innovation and competitiveness

Ba Shusong

Economic Speaker, Deputy Director-General, Financial Research Institute, Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC)

Jeremy Rifkin

Author, Economic and Social Theorist, Advisor to the European Union and Head of State, and President of the Foundation on Economic Trends

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