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Your business exists in a global economy, whether you head a huge international conglomerate or your startup sells goods and services from a single website. Global and domestic changes in trade, taxes, tariffs, laws, leaders, and finance can affect your business in big ways and small. At BigSpeak, our Global Economics experts from the fields of business, government, law, finance, and economics can help you understand the international implications of any new legislation or global event on your industry so you can stay ahead of the curve. Contact BigSpeak speakers today to book one of our top Global Economics keynote speakers.

“To argue against the global economy is like stating opposition to the weather—it continues whether you like it or not.” — John McCain

John Manzella

Global Economics Speaker, Author, Former President and CEO of World Trade Center BN

Xavier Sala-i-Martin

Professor of Economics at Columbia University and Chief Economic Advisor to the WEF. Leading expert on innovation and competitiveness

Ba Shusong

Economic Speaker, Deputy Director-General, Financial Research Institute, Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC)

Wei Wei Zhang

Political Speaker, Professor of International Relations at Fudan University & Senior Research fellow at the Chunqiu Institute

Raghuram Rajan

Author, Former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Former Chief Economist and Director of Research at the International Monetary Fund

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