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Graduation and Commencement Speakers

A graduation or commencement ceremony is a notable milestone for any student. However, the graduation or commencement speaker can make or break the event – either creating a one-of-a-kind heartfelt, and inspiring experience graduates will remember for years to come, or leaving attendees bored and uninspired (and often sunburnt).
For a memorable graduation or commencement event, consider inviting a famous celebrity speaker, renowned academic, a motivational speaker who has overcome adversity, or a Fortune 500 CEO who, at one time, may have walked across a stage similar to the graduating class of this year.
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Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak

Top Technology Speaker, Innovation Expert, Cult Icon, Co-Founder of Apple Computer, and Bestselling Author

Vernice FlyGirl Armour

Vernice FlyGirl Armour

Inspirational Speaker, America's First African-American Female Combat Pilot, Former Marine and Pentagon Liaison Officer

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